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Have you ever seen and even envy those A-list celebrities in any occasion or any time, they can get the perfect fit?
They just fit in any dresses, the swope U, deep V, the back lope dress without wearing an actual bra!
Yes, they are Eurasian, and usually they don't have the habit to wear a bra instead of invisible tape and nipple covers but as Asians, this is an issue, a MAJOR UGLY ISSUE.

At here, all thanks to Supermodel's Secret, we have found a way to rectify and get rid of this fashion wretched. Total frus-free!

Oh the HORROR! As visible as it can be, we don't have try to hide it right? It is literally a fashion malfunction and create the horrors in us! A total spoiler for the perfect outfit and it really will spoil our mode for the weekend. So much for the great time and revealing imperfections. Gekk Ngek * NG alarm sound*

Now, the perfect hit. Without hesitation of flaunting gorgeous back on the eye of others, not just back,
it can be used upfront too. What's this magic? *drum rolls*

It's the Ultra Push Up Silicon Bra from Supermodel's Secret ! With extra push up effects, it will hold your front perfectly and fit right in. It has added the cleavage of ours clearly and  heavily visibly. Like instant magic in fact within 5 minutes.

So what differs from the usual Nu bra compared to Ultra Push Up Silicon Bra ?

Here are a few points to tip out:

1. A really visible of plump attached on the Ultra Push Up Silicon Bra that lift up your front to form a perfect cleavage.
2. Extra adhesive and stickiness to smoothen up the problem of dropping of.
3. It can be maximize until the use of 50 to 100 times, a prolong adjustment of usage on the Ultra Push Up Silicon Bra.

Our comments on the products:

The Good One

1. A very good adhesive, and it definitely doesn't fall out that easily.
2. A perfect fit for our front that makes the perfect cleavage. You can adjust it to make your own fit, from uplift your boobs until the perfect line or opt for the lower adjustment if you are the shy one.
3. We are a B-size, but Supermodel's Secret gave us A size instead, it's for the better push up. So opt for this if you would like to have extra push for better looking! :D
4. It is much more thicker and better quality, a lot more better thus it is not visible as you don't have to worry that your nipples will be seen.

The Bad one

1. It will still drop off if you are sweating a lot like us. We wore it to club, well, it is not that advisable because you drink and dance, sweats, ohh you know the deal. But for a day out or high tea, it is no problem at all!
2. Compared to the normal nu bra, Ultra Push Up Silicon Bra tend to weight more as it has more plump on the bottom of it to have the effect of extra push up.

So now that you have it, you might be wondering and some questions to pop up.

How to wear? Let Michelle, proud owner of Supermodel's Secret to show you how and share her tips together with you.

Do not have the idea of taking care of your silicon bra? Hear her out, take her advice!

In a summary, we would rate the Ultra Push Up Silicon Bra about 8/10 because we love how it has provided us with the extra cleavage. Definitely boost up our confidence level and ready to dress up for the day. Also it is priced at RM 59 now. No whines on the price because of it's superb quality.

Can we hear a HURRAY?

Because in conjunction with Keep In Vogue and Supermodel's Secret,
we are giving out discount on RM 10 off on any purchases that you make and a free bra clips that worth RM 10 if you buy anything from Supermodel's Secret.
The code is SSS MAKE MAGIC.
Take that advantage of code and shop away!
Remember to diminish your flaws and maximize the beauty, be it outer or inner of yourself.
There's no ugly women, only lazy one.


Illustration and credit work via Roystonk


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    How long is the offer?


  2. KIVOGUE said...'> 13 June 2012 at 01:23

    Hi loves, they didn't mention the duration for this offer but then we would strongly suggest you to purchase it as soon as possible as this may have a limited time frame. We will of course, inquiry in and ask them for you. xx


  3. Anonymous said...'> 14 June 2012 at 18:14



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