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☞ There's no place like having a little short paradise for us when you are feeling hectic with work or even studies. So, as I am figuring out where to go and what to do, a backpacking trip came into my mind, then  a friend of mine came to the rescue. He murmured : phuket. And yes, that's where I went. 

Having backpacking in mind, well, that's not how it turn out in the end. Phuket is a really relaxing place to ease your mind and soul, not forgetting to rejuvenating yourself into beauty care.

Here, at Keep In Vogue, let us bring you to have a glimpse of phuket and see what phuket can offers you.

Catching the flight in the early morning. Air asia appeared to be the best. With low fares and easy flight, I bought the ticket earlier on about four months ago. It was priced at RM 280 with the check-in luggage of 15kg return flights. Quite a bargain right?

So we arrived in the morning. First thing, to find a place to stay over with.
This hotel, is pretty decent. Rayaburi, a room equipped with shower cube and long tub bath. Also not forgetting, jacuzzi on the highest floor to be indulge in.

So, a summary of what you can do in Phuket.

1. Food

If you are looking for food hunting, there are quite a few dishes that you should try out. The fried garlic pork is one of the scrumptious dish that I've tried. Coconut too, of course. Try their coconut milk shake and when they ask, please do tell them you want a milk shake with milk. It's so refreshing! But not green curry and tomyam, it taste totally different with our Malaysian's cuisine. The way they cook it, I'm not sure whether you guys can take it, because I certainly think it is not that good. I prefer Malaysia's version. :p

2. Night life

Phuket is famous for its night life, involving from strippers, ping pong show, pubs and clubs but one of the significant offer is the boxing show. They have quite a show like muay thai and such to be compete with. Some of them even went and fight in the honour of Phuket. Seems legit and it's quite a show. Well, as in you are that kind of fighting fans.

Clubs and bars. Phuket doesn't have club like us. They have a lot of bars, the whole street of it in fact! But promise you, a night show like strippers gave you the goosebump. Well, it's me who have the goosebump. Probably better for the guys but don't have too high of expectations for that, alright?

3. Island Hopping

Look at the sea! How would you not want to just jump in and dive! It's so crytal clear blue and snorkeling is one of the best activity to enjoy and sightseeing the ocean creatures! The island that I went is Phi Phi island, but I recommend Similand as it is double the fun. But no problem with that, phi phi island package offers several island around from Maya Bay to all! You can even see and fed monkeys but be aware, the monkeys are all fierce!

This is one of those beach that has breathtaking scenary, Maya Bay! This is where the famous movie are taking scene of. You should really go have take a look, it's beautiful!

A tourist shot of meself, wearing bikinis from Woopz ! The wind was breezing, perfect sunny day, good for a touch of sea water. Also, thai people are all so friendly and polite! If you are worn out by the trip, you can rent a chair to rest out your feet and body. The chair cost RM 15 for 2 here.

I enjoy while i am resting. The tour guide always offer us pineapple, watermelons, fruits, so yah for the yum yum! That's what I have learn from the ice cream guy while he is hardselling his ice cream : "ice cream, ice cream, yum yum! And so he said.

4. Tattoo 

Phuket has a lot of tattoo and piercing shop. If you are coming here for a random and spontaneous tattoo, please, do a research first as not all tattoo shops here will do a great job. Me and my partner have already did our homework and he decided to inked himself at Phuket Ink. Say hi to the tattoo artist, his name is meaw!
Yes if you are wondering, the name is cat. He did magic on my partner and I am extremly in love with his work. Good ink, machinery, and make sure if you have the plan to ink yourself, hygiene is very important. So confirm everything almost everything, even finding the suitable tattoo artist for yourself. Make sure your tattoo artist know what you want, and of course, it's even better if they can draw. There's a lot of tattoo shops that just have the designs from internet, and the worst part of it is, they do not know how to draw. So if you don't want to have the regret of your life, ensure you pick the right one.

5. Shop 

What is better than shopping for girls when everything is so cheap here! The things that i have discovered, some of the shoes here have some exact designs from the blog shops. Only thing is, the quality of it doesn't seems promising, but given with those drop dead price, it is still quite the bargain!

So here it is, those things that we had in phuket. There's of course more, but this is what I have experienced with. Oh not forgetting, don't forget to try out their fried chicken, juicy one and mango rice. It's is so finger licking good with the chili sauce. Remember to try kebab too. Beer is cheap over there so if you are pretty much a drinker, feel free to get one for yourself, even ten!

A much sider note, get yourself a sunblock and short sleeves or short pants for sun tan. It's humid there.

Hope this trip information help! If you are on a budget trip, maybe you can consider phuket.
That's it from us and have a pleasant trip ahead *if you have one in mind. *

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