Dose of Inspiration - Tony Moly Egg Pore Series Review

Posted by KIVOGUE On 6/16/2012 11:11:00 am

Hello Fashionista, as we mention on twitter that our cousin went to Korea and bring back quite a few Beauty Korean products. We have to stress it's DAMN CHEAP compare with the local store, say like at least 50% cheaper. We will be reviewing on all the products as below, this week with the Tony Moly Egg Pore Series, so stay tune!  psst.. have you follow us on twitter already? =p

Tony Moly Egg Pore Series come in 3 - Blackhead out oil gel, Tightening pack & silky smooth balm.
We only pick up 2 of the products out of 3.

Blackhead out oil gel - Rate ★★★✩✩
From the web - "Containing Egg elements and Magic capsules which remove dead skin cells and excessive sebum. The oil gel effectively purifies the whiteheads, blackheads, excessive sebum and trapped dirt in the deep pores."

Texture - very watery, oily, transparent with mini yellow/orange scrub with a refreshing scent. 
Apply on the areas with blackheads and gently massage for about 3-5 mins and it will turn from transparent into a bit opaque then wash it off. It's does remove black and white head but i've really stubborn blackhead, so i think nose pore works better on me. Luv the cute and creative packaging, you can reuse the top of the container and plant some green! But then again i wish for a bigger contain of the mask, i felt a bit cheated coz it just contain half.

Rated 3 star
Repurchase? Maybe.


Tightening Pack - Rate ★★★✩✩

Texture - Thick, nude color, don't know how to describe the scent, also refreshing i guess.
Recommend to use it after the blackhead out oil gel, as you clean up the blackhead you need to tighten up the pores. I've apply on my entire face, it dry very quickly with a tightening sensation then wash off. It do help to tightening my pore but NOT very drastic changes. I will recommend for oily skin type because it may be too dry so the dry skin type and for those who need a quick mask.

Rated 3 star
Repurchase? Maybe.


What's your favorite mask? Hope these information help and have a great weekend!

Tony Moly

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