Dose of Inspiration - Pleated Skirt

Posted by KIVOGUE On 6/09/2012 11:00:00 am

Hi fashionista! Have you ever wonder instead of tossing your old gourmet, how about give it a second chance to shine again. Here's how.

Thing to prepare - Scissors, Super Glue, Old Gourmet, Needles and OLD stretchable belt.

Step 1 Cut off your old dress into half, we just need the bottom part, 
           It's okay if is messy when you cut off, don't worry, we'll cover it later.

Step 2 Take 2 needle to secure the position you wan the stretchable belt to be and sew it! 
           Of course you can use a sewing machine, but call me crazy, i hand sew all the way!
Step 3 Don't waste the material on your old gourmet, anything can be stay on, remove it.                                  In this case, i remove the gold studs from the dress and reuse!  :P

Step 4 This is the fun part, by using the gold studs that remove from the dress, form a shape of             
            pyramid to add a simple touch of design and stick on the belt with super glue :)
            ps: Be careful when you using the super glue.

Step 5 Walah! You're done!

You've turn your piece of old gourmet into a trendy pledge skirt! Have a greet weekend!

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