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Let's face it, we girls/ladies have a tight budget issue every once in a while.
At all times, we splurge on buying goodies , on foods and cuisine, pampering ourselves with spas and beauty, hair treatment, cars or other payment and this, cause us to have just a little or no saving.

Even so, when we are in a tight budget, we still have the urge of buying, *maybe not you, but it happenned on me :p*. Every time when we scream OH NO! WE ARE BROKE ( As in burning a hole in your pocket ), and when some occasion kicks in, we still need to find an outfit that is suitable, that's why Sheer is the perfect solution to us when they are having their clearance SALE!

For date, opt ROSE as the pick of the day.
It resembles a hint of femininity and sweet looking colours, bright yet cheerful!
Not forgetting, chiffon material that makes you sweat and fuss free!

As for wild night, opt for the wild zebra print with sheer, that is if revealing the back "openly" is a little too much for you but you still want those alluring sexy vision.

How bout the jacket with quilted details?
Doesn't need to add anything but a chucky necklace and accssories,
bear in mind, if your accessories and outer are loud and packed with details,
you must have a basic inner tee or jeans to even out.
Else it will be too, off of hands as we always said.

Not to forget, other casual outfits to be selected for Monday to Friday simple hang out.
Who knows Sheer might be your lucky star when you are on tight budget?

Having the SALES now , and the best part is, no matter what outfit it is, be it top or jacket that you choose, it is all RM 30!

So shop now and get 10% discount if you have RM 50 purchase orders!

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