KIV 1st year anniversary

Posted by KIVOGUE On 5/07/2012 10:48:00 pm

Hello everyone!  Keep In Vogue turned to 1

From numerous errands starting with countless reviews, emails replying, picking, opinions diversion, through sweats and efforts,  we are truly excited as it's been a long way for us.   Also not forgetting our awesome readers, without you guys, Keep In Vogue shall not survive until today. It is our pleasure to serve you as an on-line intermediary shopping experience.

As for the blogshops/advertisers, thank you because for your existence, we and our readers can enjoy the convenience of having shopping at our door step! It is most pleasure to feast out our excessive shopping behaviour without stepping out to the shopping mall.

To celebrate this especial moments, Keep In Vogue has undergo some changes, as in REVAMP the whole KIV! That's right, the brand new KIV

Speaking about the changes, here are the turnover that we did:
  1. We have added 5 newly buttons for easy interaction! Now you can click on the button beside our tab interlink to our email, facebook, bloglovin and twitter for more updates! 
  2. Keep in Vogue has also come out with a newly design logo buttons and badge. So to all blogshop owners, please do relink us! 
  3. We have also divided our links tab into two, unlike before, it is only one tab and we understand sometimes it is not user friendly and it is a problem to surf all those links that we have!
  4. Do you like our fashion icon? This will be our ambassador on a long run. We are thrilled because we have the most talented illustrator, Neo Kai Yan to design our very own Keep In Vogue fashion ambassador for us! We love it so so much and couldn't be more thankful to her. So if anyone of you like her piece, please visit her web for more!
  5. We have come out with our new KIV press kit with newly added advertising slots and rates, so if you are interested to pin an ad with us, email us at . We won't disappoint you. 
And that's it! We are done with our revamp now, and we're looking forward to serve you better.
Do you like our newly done layout? 
Do holla back to us!

Have a pleasant day ahead.

Keep In Vogue Team

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