Dose of Inspiration - Music makes you lose control

Posted by KIVOGUE On 5/19/2012 10:11:00 am

Bon Iver- Hinnom  
A chilling yet smoothing song for the morning. Everything starts with a great morning so why not smooth your mood at ease? Start running errands with a delightful mood is always better than stomping out mood. Enjoy!

Flight Facilities - Crave You Feat Giselle 
The mixing of electro pop and fusion of magnetic crystal voice has driven and attracted us in the first place. With chicky tune and beat, it is no doubt a "relaxing meditation" for us.

Lana Del Rey - Off to the race 
Lana has certainly rise from nobody to somebody.  With her unique timeless voice, purely classy look and down to earth attitude, she is the next rising star and she is in our playlist all the time.

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You 
This is indeed a love song for us as frank's voice take us in. With his significant voice and style, it is not hard to recognize Frank's work apart from his gang. Frank is more into the slow beat and tune, which enable us to imagine ourselves in a room, full of yellow light, with cozy ambience, having delusional feeling and read on some good novels. That's the call for tonight. 

Enjoy music & Have a great weekend!

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