Dose of Inspiration - Everyday i'm Hustlin'

Posted by KIVOGUE On 5/05/2012 11:01:00 am
Hi everyone!  How was your week? Let us tell you about ours!
The What my Friends Think I Do vs. What I Actually Do version. =)

     M - (C) Lately, I am in love with stackable accessories. All thanks to my partner in crime - Emily. Remind me of those good ol's stock helm I have previously. For those who have know
me personally, I am indeed an accessories killer especially on rings and bracelets.
I just couldn't get enough of it. What I wore on one random day.

T - (E) Having the Collar fever? How about a double collar trend? Why small details make a huge difference, i'm loving it!

W - (C) On normal days, Chatime is my addiction. I don't like any desserts, on cakes or macaroons, but I feast on candies and bubble milk tea.

T - (E) As a graphic designer, i need to keep trend and feed myself with inspiration. Gallery, highly recommend with overloaded creative design.

F - (C) In need of chilling session thanks to the hectic workload that I had. Chilling, laughters with beautiful people makes it worthwhile.It has indeed eased the day and make it fruitful.

S - (E) One of my cheated diet day, feed with the best mix fruit cream tart at Fruit Paradise. The tarts just DARN GOOD, very delightful.

S - (C) A little birdy send us a parcel on one fine day. Oh look! Wonderful gifts from Vanity Dream! Wonder what's inside? Stay tuned for more!

Have a greet weekend! 

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