Have you ever envy fashionista able wear scarf in all sorts of way? But due to our all-year HOT summer, scarf is not in the wearing list. Thanks to Pretty Chase bring in Sheer and Ultra-thin scarf, perfect for slight cover. Here with our take on 4 ways to tie a scarf.

Things to prepare - Scarf / Hat of your choice - We are going with Carrie Scarf - Light Grey, Boater Hat, Double Finger Ring & Hair Tie.

Ring it
Step 1 Fold the scarf in to a triangle shape.
Step 2 Place the scarf on your shoulder.
Step 3 Twist & turn both side of the scarf.
Step 4 & 5  With your double finger ring. 
                   Slip the scarf in to the loop of the ring to secure.

Done! Glam up & show off your favorite jewelery.

Braid it
Step 1 Start off with a knot. The knot should not be too tide toward your neck.
Step 2  With your scarf, loop over from right to left.
Step 3 Then pull over the knot.
Step 4 & 5  Keep repeating the same step (right to left, over the knot)
                   until you reach the end of your scarf tie a knot and
tuck in the ends     

Done! I've always had compliment when i'm wearing this braided scarf.
Step 1 Tie up all your hair. Place the scarf on your head like the regular head band and tie a knot.
Step 2 Split your hair into 2 parts with the scarf.
Step 3 Twist it together with your hair and scarf.
Step 4 Secure the end with a hair tie.
Step 5 Hide the hair tie with one of the scarf by wrapping it.

Done! Fun and pretty.

Hat it
Step 1 Pick your favorite hat.
Step 2 Put the scarf on top of the hat.
Step 3 Tide a knot.

Done! Simple right!


GIVEAWAY!! Can we have a "YEAH"?!
Thanks to Pretty Chase! We will giveaway one of the scarf to our lucky reader!

To enter, it is JUST SO EASY! 


1. "Like" Pretty Chase Facebook page.
2. Share this giveaway through any of social media (Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, pinterest and etc).
3. Comment below OR email to the url where you've shared, so we can keep track, together with the scarf you prefer, grey or white.

That's it! Just share and keep on sharing, ask your friends to like your post too!

Giveaway ends on the 27th of June.
Will announce winner on 1st of July!

There are no limitation of entries, so just share as much as you want! 
The more you share the higher chances of winning. 

Good luck! Have a greet weekend!

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