Dose of Inspiration - DIY Silver Shoe

Posted by KIVOGUE On 4/28/2012 11:48:00 am

Who said that the silver shoes are only for wedding? Make no secret of all thing shiny,
silver metallic shoes or accessories are gonna be huge hits this season.

You can easily give your old shoes a new life by just repaint it with silver! Here's how.
Thing to prepare - Newspaper, Shoes, Aluminum Paint, Brush, Masking Tape &
VERY IMPORTANT GLOVE! i'm such an idiot and have paint all over. (>﹏<)

Begin with stirring the aluminum paint, make sure that the oil and the paint mix well.
Start painting!  

With the help of masking tape, cover up the part that you don't want it in silver.

Leave it dry and you are done!

Without going through all the hassle, you may purchase your much better quality SHINY shoes as below.
1. CHRISTY NG Silver Rush Platform Heels  2. GLOXINIA 3. TSUGA
Have a great weekend!

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