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As a craze of shopping , we shopaholics understand that you have a lot of unwanted things in your closet,
it's the impulsive urge that cause this and mostly, we regretted the things that we bought afterwards.
That aside, we often have that serious bad shopping habit that even though we are already *broke*,
we still tend to spend.
That is why we stomp upon Friendly Fashion 
and it has totally save our day!

What is Friendly Fashion ?

Friendly Fashion is a website that you can sell, swap or give away your pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories for absolutely free! 

As we look through the webpage, it is sorted out nicely and neatly for easy browsing.
You can select the size that you want, price or even date that can trace.
Let's say you are UK8,
you just have to pick the size and there will be a list of merchandise for you to pick from.

Easy and user friendly, right?

Let's see what they offer.

  • Shop from the Members
    – it'll help them they earn a little extra cash or get rid of the clutter in their closet.
  • Sell, swap or give away your stuff
    by becoming a Member, you may also upload pictures of your stuff to other Members!
  • Speak your mind
    – if you're in need of some fashion advice, or even tips on latest hang outs in your town, you can do so with the members at their forum!

This has given you a chance to join in the online community
by sharing, swapping, selling your ol' goods in no time!

And let's see what is the good that are offers by the members: 

With all sorts of loafers, pumps, wedges, dresses, accessories,
that is something you ought not to be miss!

Sounds promising?
Not forgetting, affordable price as well!
So why not click on Friendly Fashion  , and sign yourself up?
Take action and maybe,
you'll get a new wardrobe by swapping or even earn a little cash for yourself!
Friendly Fashion, your Malaysia's online community closet.


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