What is in pink and white but most of the time in pink?

Not Mr Pink Panther of course..

No!! Not Hello Kitty too!

The other pink themed shop very synonym to us local online shoppers - the place where all supermodels (real, aspiring or wannabe) heads to for beauty solutions - Supermodels' Secrets

Supermodels' Secrets Showroom in pink!

Supermodels' Secrets is in it's 2 years of operation, serving the local online community with quirky beauty solutions that most of us could have never thought of. Currently in it's second year of operation, it has now expanded into having it's very own pink-themed showroom-cum-office in SS15 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

To celebrate it's 2 years in creating more supermodels - be it wannabe, aspiring ones or real ones, Supermodels' Secrets is generously giving away lots of its goodies from March to April 2012.

Only camwhore pictures required? Easy peasy!

I am an ardent fan of Supermodels' Secrets and have tried quite a fair bit of their product range, be it for review or merely  out of curiosity to see if those products really do work ;)

Among some of the stuff I have gotten from Supermodels' Secrets;
The ever reliable Carmex lip balm for chapped lips or a sheen of quick gloss before appointment,
The ever famous seamless fringe 
Magic butt to the rescue when wearing tight fitted skirt / jeans =D

The LUS - S Line for body slimming which I use mainly for water retention,
Sana Estany Self Heating Face Slimming Gel, and Balo Chilli Body Slimming Gel,
LUS - V Line in use!

If I have at least pique some slightest interest in you to try out some of the products and yet do not want to spend on it yet, why not hurry over to their Facebook page and LIKE it and immediately submit a camwhored picture of yourself :)

Tempting enough??

Spotted any beauty items that you need badly?

You can either blog about the contest or do as I do - simply submit a camwhored picture of yourself, your babies or your pets with modelling potential perhaps, and then start rallying for many many LIKES of your picture ;)
The best of all.. first 100 participants will get participating gifts too!

I have submitted mine and hoping to win a consolation prize!! (yes, I don't set my bars high =P )
Hurry up and join Supermodels' Secrets generous anniversary giveaway! Otherwise, LIKE my submission.. teehee ;)

yours truly ;)

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