Dose of Inspiration - DIY Mr. Ducky

Posted by KIVOGUE On 3/31/2012 11:54:00 am

I went to Daiso and went crazy and bought a lot of DIY material. For those who doesn't know Daiso, it's a store that literally carry everything, i mean EVERYTHING which only cost RM5; SGD 2 per item. Today, we will start with Mr. little Ducky. 

 Thing to prepare - Mr.Ducky Easy Ready Pack, Needle, Scissor and Glue. Let's start

 The Easy Pack packed with wool felt, filling cotton, embroidery thread, cut ready duck eye & blush, keychain string and a clear instruction sheet (but everything is in Japanese though =P )

Start with by using the instruction sheet as a guide, cut out the shape.

 Glue on the eye and blush. Sew the felt and fill in with filling cotton.

Continue to fill and sew, you will have something like this (left pic).  Sew everything together.

Tada! Mr.Ducky is done! Not too shabby right, for a beginner like myself.

For other alternative, try making your very own Bear.
Helen's provide very convenient easy pack as well.

You can even custom made and choose what kind of material, make it to your liking. Fabric Fanatics have everything you need, the bear button is just so cute!
Have a greet weekend and have fun!

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