Posted by KIVOGUE On 3/25/2012 10:05:00 am
not only did they provide nameplate necklace ,
providing exclusive discount for Keep In Vogue readers,
they are now expanding their empire!

Sachi Mieko currently are offering blog shop owners to rent a rac
to showcase your lovely goods!

Be it accessories , necklace, gorgeous rings,
those killer shoes and edgy apparels.
It all fits in!

Offering a few slots to fit it the merchandise,
here are the details :

Box A1 , B1 , C1
Height- 38.5cm
Length- 56cm
Width- 35cm
Rental- RM 150 / Month

Box A2 , B2(booked by Brenda) , C2(booked by chris) , A3 , B3 , C3
Height – 33.5cm
Length- 56cm
Width – 35cm
Rental- RM 150 / Month

Box A4 . B4 , C4
Height- 76.5cm
Length- 56cm
Width- 35cm
Rental- RM 250 / Month

Box D1 , D2 , D3 , D4 . D5 (booked by adrena) , D6
Height- 56cm
Length-  50cm
Width- 30.5cm
Rental- RM 250 / Month

That's not all!
If you join them from APRIL to JUNE and pay 2months rental only, you will be entitled for the 1st month to be waived, 
that means it is FOC!

Where is the location of Sachi Mieko ?

The full adress is 41, JALAN SS15/4B 47500 SUBANG JAYA SELANGOR,
located in between one of the most crowded place in Subang Jaya which is in SS15.

Besides that, 
Sachi Mieko is also creating perfect awareness of the offline blogshop because there will be a 20x4 Signboard to indicate the exact location and attract potential customers in.

The shop is also decorated in a very modern and vibrant interior design and includes airconditioning. 

And what is special about it is that Sachi Mieko offers membership cards to vendors to increase the awareness of the shop to their loyal customers and getting returning customers (customers will get discounts!)

Sounds beneficial ey?
With a lot of privileges and also affordable prices.
Why not act now and call 013-3398032,  Ila,
the owner of Sachi Mieko to get this opportunity?
With a little funds, you can achieve your dream as entrepreneur , 
you just have to take first step!


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