Sized In Between

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Fashion Reporter : Cynthia

How do we define the right and the wrong of being fashionable?

Would you consider yourself fashionable?

We sure do learn a lot when we browse the online fashion sites. So many styles, so many fashionable clothes to drool at! Which more often than not leads to impulse purchase (define: a situation in which a person goes crazy and her heart pounds so fast and she immediately feels that she would look like a diva if she can get hold of the dress she spotted) 

My personal favourite here ;

Peplum dress from Hutz Fashion

Bodycon Dress from Attires' Attic

Lace Mesh Toga dress from Peep

Low back Tie Dress from Phat Culture

And I can fit none.. ;(

It's pretty difficult when you are sized 'in-between'. You are definitely not skinny, also not voluptous, almost to plus size, but you refused to be called one, yet you have some extra flesh but not on areas where it is supposed to be. So you are in a cross junction - where it is pretty difficult to try and fit yourself in a bodycon dress and most dresses that fits you are generalised as Free Size . In most cases these are not very figure flattering clothes. They are after all fits all size...

I am a size UK12. Not going to a size 10 any time soon. And in most cases, these 'in-between' segment of people have no choice but to play a trial and error game when purchasing clothes online. Because sometimes a UK10 dress can be fitted into a UK12 too. There are also time when a UK12 cannot fit a UK12 and there comes a situation of finger pointing- shall I blame ownself for ballooning up to a size bigger? Or maybe the dress. Either way, you just cannot fit into it D:

After many attempts of trying to fit into different types of styles, we will eventually fall back into the essential of wearing : comfortable, simple and fits to your personality.

And those Free Size clothing will normally do the job to fit the 'in-between' sized girls with a lil' bit of mix and match.

Here's to share my personal wardrobe after missing for ages =D

Chiffon Top with ruched waist paired with satin bandaged skirts - Blook

Polka dotted midi dress- Bangkok

Drape dress - Doublewoot

Cotton On ensemble! Cardi, spagthetti top and skirt =D

Long cardi - LadiesFash |  Floral skirt -  Cotton On

Chiffon floral tunic top - Reject Shop

Mesh top - Peep Boutique  |  Leopard skirt - Cotton On

Black Long Cardi - LadiesFash

Monochrome print dress - Bangkok

Striped Midi Dress - LadiesFash

Black top and skirt - Singapore

Balloon Dress - TrendyConfession

Sarees - personal collection

Bikini tops worn to replace saree top - Peep Boutique and Victoria Secrets

This is not a post to ask you to eat more or eat less to get to your desired size (though would be great if you can achieve it)Regardless of any shapes and size, if you can't change it, you might as well cherish it and make the most out of it.

Happy shopping girls!

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