It's Black and White

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Blog Shop : Swagdolls

Get swag with those effing swag' outfits. Never knew mini dress can be swag as well. Also, Swagdolls is having their 1st birthday, so 50% off on the 2nd item.

Modern Art

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1. PO10.066 , RM 122
2. PO10.047 , RM 126
3. PO 10.027 , RM 118
4. PO10.050 , RM 118
5. PO10.052 , RM 176
6. PO10.045 , RM 145
7. PO10.064 , RM 121

Blog Shop : Le seul

Making magic for a little strategic tweaks to get the look rock.

* It's a pre-order sins *

Pretty little Liar

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Blog Shop : Supermodel's Secret

We are born naturally to have flaws but we can improve and even better, perfectionize it.

glamorous VS plain-jane - mirror

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1. C4585, RM 50
2. C4206, RM 55
3. C4550, RM 48
4. C4017, RM 49
5. Nu Bra White Lace, RM 69 
6. C4867, RM 38

Blog Shop :  Miyako Beauty Valley

(镜)mirror, origin from Hong Kong. Carry a wide of variety of clothing mainly on the colour black and white. Noneed to travel that far, just a few mouse click and 镜 clothing would be yours!

glamorous VS plain-jane - sassy

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2. ASOS Velvet Dress, RM 180
3. ASOS Toga Dress, RM 160
4. Blue Drape Dress, RM 55

Blog Shop :  Sassy Style Lab

 Sequence or Mesh design on the side,classy yet foxy gorgeous dresses all ready for a party girl's night out. A vintage-look pleat dress, very beautiful colour. Can be easily paired with leggings and flats.

glamorous VS plain-jane - vintage

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1. Going Oriental, RM 44
4. Sunhill Rays Dress, RM 53

Blog Shop :  Cute Granny Vintage

Always go beyond fashion, party like Fergie with her glamorous OR switch it up to plain-jane with British fashion expert Louise Roe. Go with the flow with your mood and try out different style.

Bonus Point

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1. CODE D1012 , RM 58

Blog Shop : DrezzCode

Casual and comfy, sleek chic.


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Jolie Tan 

Watch from G-shock
Socks from ROOM ELEVEN
Top and denim short from other online blogshop


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Jet, Graphic Designer

Top to Bottom : Everything from Bangkok

Street Snap Saturday

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Chris Tay

high waist pants from unknown blogshop
Shoes and Bag from Taiwan

Sale igloo

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1. RUSSEL , RM 59
5. CHAIN TOP , RM 55

Blog Shop : Like Igloo

Today marks down the finishing of 6 days clearance! Prices are inclusive of shipping, shop now!


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1. elmo 
4. the angry bird , RM 15

Blog Shop : funky pin badge

Some miscellaneous badges to tag along either on your shirt, top, bags, scarf, hijabs, or even tudungs! You get the idea right? Pin up and transform the pin badges into fashion platform and playground.

funky pin badge are selling handmade badges, headbands and rings by using beads and sequins. Now this is what defines you from other because it is totally DIY!

Also funky pin badge are fresh made as in everything is new in town! They offer customize designs for you crafty babies out there just to cater your crafty desires! Who can resist these bits of cuteness! Can you?

Now here's one good news for KIVOGUE READERS! Yes, it's special discounts again! Buy any badges from funky pin badge and you will get RM 2 off for each item. Code for it? FUNKY CAT.

Prices of the badge? Don't worry. It is definitely affordable for you guys. Badges are around RM 8 - RM 15, while rings around RM 12-RM 15, headbands at RM 20. 

And oh, funky pin badge will charge based on size and designs too, so do ask them to quote the perfect price for you!

Now pin pin pin! Get fly away like Angry birds! :P 
Our personal favorite among all.

* This promotion is available until 28 Nov 2011. *

Le's fashion

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2. Nicole , RM 46
3. Joycie Dress , RM 49
4. Derella Love , RM 45
5. Shanti Dress , RM 50

Blog Shop : Le Mode Maison

Kooky, edgy, crazy, cool, SEXY. wait, SEXY? Yeah, you are with Le's Fashion, cause you are smokin'.

Glamourous Kaftan

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1. ID: 015 , RM 320
2. ID: 004 , RM 230 * SOLD *
3. ID: 014 , RM 320
4. ID: 001 , RM 230

Blog Shop : J Couture

Now that's a gorgeous piece, colour splash on Kaftan and Baju Kebaya. Special.

It's Showtime

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3. Leopard Print Toga , RM 57
4. Sweet Denim Bustier , RM 55

Blog Shop : MUSE 

Flame that, rise up the curtain, and it's show time.

* It's a mixture of pre-order sins and ready stocks *

Denim Affair

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We have an affair with denim jeans because it would rock our body so easily. Style it with black killer pumps. Classy.

Bottom Rock

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Blog Shop : Fashion Addiction

Rock that bottom where it is platform for casual and railway to the outings.

Strut your stuff

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Strut your stuff. Walk proudly and show off one's best features or talents.

Saya suka Shop

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1. C025 , RM 20
2. C012 , RM 20
3. C021 , RM 20
4. B030 , RM 20

Blog Shop : Saya Suka Dress

We like to dress, we like to shop. Get those bargain underneath without burning a hole in your pocket!

After the Rain

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1. LFMJS01 , RM 60
2. LFMD01 , RM 50
3. LFMC01 , RM 40
4. LFMA01 , RM 10

Blog Shop : Fashion Couture

For you, those who like some detailing make over.

BAZAAR FEVER : Chic POP Street Market

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Always print

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Blog Shop : Whitesoot

Ensemble bold prints to the fun field. Solemn up!


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1. Suedette , RM 85
3. Leopard Oxfords , RM 70
4. Snow Leopard , RM 75
5. Safari (Spots) , RM 75

Blog Shop : We Love You Shoes

Make a rawr way and nailed it with fierce look.

Inner Wild Child

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3. The Missing Peach , RM 40
4. Little Red Dress , RM 36

Blog Shop : Fracody

Are you wild on the outside or inside?

Fringe fashion Moving out Sale

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1. The Tipping Point , RM 25
2. Mona Lisa , RM 15
3. Yummy , RM 15
4. Swarlos , RM 40
5. Rolland , RM 25

Blog Shop : Fringe Fashion

Moving out sales on the way, slashed down prices. 

Aside from that, Fringe Fashion is moving to a new webpage and they are currently searching for face of the look.
It will be feature in their web banner .

How to join this amazing fun?
See here :

1. Take A GOOD picture of you :
Happy/ Fashionista or whatever mood you can think of..but no sad or angry because,come are welcoming people to their shop right? :)
2. Like them on Facebook Page and Follow her on  Twitter!
and you are done!

Terms and condition
1. You HAVE to wear their Clothing or Make up Either or Both for the picture.
2. Take a good quality picture with plain or appropriate background.
3. No Sexual Pose!
4. Must like them on FB and Follow her on Twitter (nut2611).
5. Send her an EMAIL of your picture before the contest ends!
6. Winner will be notified!

Send her your Picture at

and this fun 




For more , please refer to their FACEBOOK 

Bold is best

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2. Chunky Ballerinas , RM 22
3. Circle Dot Ring , RM 21
4. Armor Ring , RM 28

Blog Shop : The Summer's Attic

The more you tease. the bigger the bouffant, the bolder it look.

boo! it's halloween! - Cuppacake

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All from Goldfinch Collection, RM 70 per set of 36 pcs Petite size, RM 90 per set of 25 pcs Maxi size. 

Blog Shop :  Wonder Milk

Spice up your Halloween party with these delicious flavours baked fresh daily with whimsical and creative designs. There are no way you can resist the temptation? Nom nom nom!

boo! it's halloween! - Mischievous

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2. Saintly Sinner, RM 85
4. Spartan Princess, RM 58
5.  Lady Lucifer, RM 108 

Blog Shop :  FLO

  Unleash your imagination this Halloween. Sprinkle some magic dust and abracadabra!

boo! it's halloween! - Uniforms

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1. Maid costume, RM 62.99 
2. Nurse outfit, RM 67.89
3. School girl outfit, RM 67.89
4. Policewoman uniform, RM 90.29
5. Air stewardess outfit, RM 76.99 

Blog Shop :  Viva Sensual

Turn yourself into your desire job on this Halloween with 30% off for uniforms!

Street Snap Saturday - CHILLAX Part 3

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Jolin, 26, Graphic Designer

Shoes and legging from Japan
Bag, A gift from friends

Street Snap Saturday - CHILLAX Part 2

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 Adib Harith Fadzilah , 21, Student.

Thank you for letting us have a snap of you!

Street Snap Saturday - CHILLAX

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Camilla, 21, Student

Dress from one of the shop-let in Berjaya Time Square
 Earrings from Vinci
Gold Necklace from COSMIC+
Ballerina Flats from one of the shop-let in Berjaya Time Square.

PROMOTION : KIV loves it cheap

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4. Lip Smacker , RM 15

Blog Shop : Spend It Cheap

Now this is interesting. Spend It Cheap has collaborate with KIV to give our readers a real steal. Here's the deal, any of our Kiv readers who purchase above RM 20 are entitled to 5 % discount on total bill and also a mystery giveaway! Just sprout that word, KIV loves it cheap and you'll get these offers.

Hurry up and the mystery giveaway is until 30 November while the 5% off is till infinite. 
It's time to get a little make over, don't you think ? :)

EVENTS : Halloween Costume Party

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Hello! & Guess what?

With this upcoming Halloween day approaching, KDU University College is going to organize a Halloween party with the theme "Backyard Terror!" 

Here's the deal :

Details for Halloween Costume Party flash mob

Venue: Pavilion KL Main Entrance
Date: 22nd October 2011 (Saturday)Time: 1200hrs - 1300hrs

Details for Halloween Costume Party

Venue: KDU University College Auditorium, Damansara Jaya Campus
Date: 4th November 2011
Time: 1800hrs - 2300hrs
Dress Code: Costume

Tickets price

High School students (15 year and above): RM 30
Public: RM 50
*Promotion for public, RM 45 each for 5 tickets purchase at once

Aside from that, those tickets are inclusive of food, beverages, entertainment by DJs Brains & The Eyes - Ethan Curzon & Wai Hong (played at Zouk,Milk,Lust) street magic and live performances by special guest stars. 

They will also have flash mob infront as Pavillion KL as teaser. So be there if you want to watch!

For further info, please log on to their FACEBOOK .

Call             012-2855998       or             017-3424655       for ticket purchasing or ticket reservations.

That's it. Happy Halloween and enjoy the party!