TOP top

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1. Code : T43 , RM 23
2. Code : T41 , RM 29
3. Code : T40 , RM 25
4. Code : T42 , RM 25

Blog Shop : Pretty.Bargain

Lovely vintage tops that fits your quirky and playful style. Get that.

Nothing like sheer

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3. DO THE RAWR. , RM 35
4. PALAZZO. , RM 40


Sheer, a little visible, a little not. Just like the game, hide and seek.

Play Dress up

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Blog Shop : Red Velvet Ribbons

Take semi-formal frocks to the casual playground. Wear blazer up for the day on office, take blazer off to  party all night.

Vgo - Midi Lengths Dresses

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We are helping our customer to sell off the Midi Lengths Dresses (GREY) for RM 45! Steal DEAL! It's totally brand new, the dress just don't fit her well. More picture HERE.

Interested? Please contact for more info.


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1. Metal Slab Belt , RM 69

From hollywood A list celebrities, these pieces, are meant to steal , the style, the look is just too sleek. 

Sweet and sassy

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2. Davy Jones , RM 28
3. Ipad Handmade Pouch , RM 100

Blog Shop : 2 lil starlings

A lil things that you ought to have. Purely handmade.

Coaching You

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Slouchy, roomy, eye-popping, perfect for any occasion because the eyes will on you.

* All prices are inclusive postage and it is a pre-order sins *

Watching You

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Blog Shop : Roses Treat

Keep that tick tock on the go. Even the time traveller also need to be punctual sometimes. 

Lush Scallop

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2. Scallop Chiffon Top , RM 28

Blog Shop : mango+Orangie

Keep that scallop trend going, take the soft fabrics into a whole new revolution.

Short Stories

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1. BUTTON , RM 16

Blog Shop : Motte Closet

Chillax but with a little surprise behind.

Shades of Mustard

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1. Premium Fluffy Top , RM 40
2. Long Skirt , RM 35
5. Toga Pleated Dress , RM 39

Blog Shop : Bellamodo

Going mustard and keep it casual yet chic in this oh-so comfy, laid-back pieces. 


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2. Gauze Vintage Skirt , RM 54

Blog Shop : Look Pretty

Maximize and loaded yourself with this pleats and swing those good time.


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The GIVEAWAY / CONTEST is a success!

THANK YOU to those who participated the contest, * bear hugss*
Meanwhile, please be patience with us as we are sorting out the comments accordingly.

Till then, we'll announce the winners on 28 Sept, STAY TUNED!


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Hello and greetings to all KIVOGUE READERS!
this is something meant for you guys,
thank you for all the supports and without you,
KIVOGUE will not be here seriously!

So here's a little CONTEST/GIVEAWAY for you guys,
and it's super duper easy, watch this :

& In case you are too busy to watch the video, here's how :

1. Drop us an email at , title it as KIVOGUE CONTEST / GIVEAWAY .
2. Tell us which prizes that you want, ROCKER CHIC, GIRL NEXT DOOR or ACCESSORIES LOVERS.
3. Comment about our blog, be it compliment or improvement or anything.
4. OR as an alternative, if you have twitter account, you can follow us at Kivogue's Twitter, and twit the comment about us.

That's about it, and we'll pick the best comment as the grand prize winner!

So what are the prizes ? We have 3 prizes in total.

 - Include One Angel Wing Sweater , One Zebra Print stocking, One Metallic Silver Chain Necklace .

 - Include One Pink Halter Neck Top, One Floral Print Stocking, One Unique Paris/French collection Bracelet.

 - Include One Studded Belt,One Bunny Ring, Two Bracelet, Six Earrings .

So remember to pick your choice and send in emails or twit the comment about us! It's easy as ABC !

You might be wondering when will the contest starts? The contest actually starts now , from 19-26 September ! & we'll announce the winner on 28 September, so be sure that you take part in it as it is totally free and you have nothing to lose, just a few clicks away and who know that you will win yourself a prize right?

May the best comment win & Goodluck!

Something Different

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2. Sexy Peplum Dress , RM 39

Blog Shop : My Dream Closet

Win that Love in Paris earrings embedded with alluring Swarovski Crytals! 
Here's how : 

All you need to do is as simple as this: 

1. Follow My Dream Closet blog and Like them on facebook.
2. Comment to their post with:
- your follower's ID and Facebook ID at THIS PAGE
- tell them which product that you love the most (yes including sold out items).
- tell them what kind of clothings you would love to see in their store.

before 30 September 2011.

And you'll stand a chance to win =)

Wanna get more chances? Sure, just shop with them and get a chance for every RM30 purchases .


VGO Batch 01

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1. Lace Back Grey Top  , RM 45

Blog Shop : Vgo

The chic, fashionable clothing you adore. Be a fashionista you've been dreaming of. It doesn't get any better than this =) psst.. Limited stock apply.

Animal Lover

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1. Straw Ribbon Beret , RM 24
4. Zebra Print Maxi Dress , * RESERVE *

Blog Shop : Get.That.Look 365

You are the diva, the temptress, the wild one. Get wild and prepare to ROAR!

This Sunday's Deal - Clearance

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1. ~* Military Zippy Dressy *~, RM 25 (Pos Laju included) 
2. ~* Lovely 3-piece Top *~, RM 20 (Pos Laju included)
3. ~* Flower Collar Dressy *~, RM 25 (Pos Laju included) 
4. ~* Ms.Polka Layer Dressy *~, RM 25 (Pos Laju included) 

Blog Shop :  Pink Enuf

Have a budget limit yet can't give up shopping? Pink Enuf is here to help by bringing cute yet affordable goods.

This Sunday's Deal - Sale

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1. Agnes, RM 25
2. Anna, RM 24
3. Madra, RM 25
4. Gold Rush, RM 30

Blog Shop :  Pop The Buttons

Decide which look best suits your personality and style, and shop to your heart's content!

This Sunday's Deal - Giveaway

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1. M0001 - Mustache Hoodie, RM 140 Sold out =(
2. M0006 - Vintage Rings, RM 39
4. M0002 - Ruffle Layer Dress, RM 45

Blog Shop :  Awesome Mustache Shop

Are you a mustache lover? Are you rings lover? Good news! Awesome Mustache Shop is now giving away 5 Awesome Mustache Two Finger Rings! To enter, what you need to do is just tell them why you love Mustache on their Facebook, Twitter or blog!

Be shaped

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1. Bridget , RM 69
2. Modern Work , RM 49
3. Christy , RM 36
4. Crochetta , RM 36

Blog Shop : Seventh Day

Ohh, the five ol' things that are sexy on every body.

Top's Clues

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3. # 737 : Bold Stripe Top , RM 49 * SOLD OUT *

Blog Shop : My Vintage Garden

Factors in the quirky, fun and edgy can be found on these tops. Cap details with all design on tops make you extra special and you're up for the dressing of this season!

Juicy Spring

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Never too much for dress and that " Oh SO CHEAP " price tag.

Fashion Orgasms

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Blog Shop : Fashgasms

Swathe yourself in that F21 dress. In another note, sling on a bag that are as stylish as they are sophisticated.


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1. TA25-020: Brownie , RM 25

Blog Shop : A Fashion Obsession

AFO is giving our readers a special promotion! For those who purchase any 2 items from AFO, they're entitled to get free postage. This promotion is valid until this end of September, so shop shop away! ;)

Stylish Bag

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1. A009 , RM 32
2. A005 , RM 42
3. A019 , RM 45
5. B006 , RM 40

Blog Shop : i-Stylish fashion

Be stylish with your bags as they represent your taste. Redefine elegance in warm, earthy notes. Those bags just carry about all a girl needs. Right?

Natural Sense

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Blog Shop : Natural Shop

Something special, hand-made, free of preservatives, natural for your hair, body, hand, feet and skin. They even have detox, enhance blood circulations and slimming functions!

Hers Little Cabin

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1. Keyholder , RM 4
2. Door Stopper , RM 26.80
4. Passport Holder , RM 68.80 * SOLD *
5. card-holder , RM 36.80

Blog Shop : May's Craft Cabin

Everything in your life, the necessity & little details, such things that you should notice.

Your very own Teddy Bear

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Here's something for you in case you want to do a teddy bear for your sisters, daughters or even yourself!

Value Craft

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1. House Clock Necklace , RM 29.90
2. Credit Card Holder , RM 89.90
3. Elegant Set ( Blue ) , RM 79.90
5. Pinky Cherry Key Pouch , RM 39.90

Blog Shop : HahaPlaza

Too cute to be true. All handmade.

When you Look me in the EYE

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Blog Shop : The Face Secrets

Prepare to become one of the perky people! Like a shot of espresso for tired eyes, now with this, we have no problem at all!

* Sister site of Leather Corner *

Sling An Icon!

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Blog Shop : Leather Corner

Guilty pleasure. 

* Some are pre-order sins *

Your body is a wonderland

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2. Scallop Skirt , RM 49
3. Mesh Dress , RM 59

Don't be a bubble wrap, be a bomb shell.

New neutral style

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2. CODE D1007GR: Teal , RM 69
3. CODE D1014BW: Tan , RM 60
4. CODE D1018BW: Wheat , RM 69

Blog Shop :  DrezzCode

A nude cascade of chiffon with accentuating & body hugging design is the key to blow people off.

Those Pretty Eyes

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Blog Shop : Your Lil Secret

Do not forget the little details and that eyes that electrify people at the first sight. 

Blouse Rules

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1. Ruffle Blouse , RM 49
2. Sailor Blouse , RM 50
3. Kate Blouse , RM 49

Blog Shop : Needles & Pins

A perfect blouse for OL and to clear those boring thoughts or perceptions of it. Office wear can be fun and smart than ever!


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This is for the love of Fringe Fashion !
& a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Fringe Fashion for us giving this opportunity to try out the Jesse Girl Cosmetics . It is indeed a very good, no, EXCELLENT products that seriously makes us jump around ! We are more than happy to try these products out!

So here's a little heads up to you, 

Fringe Fashion is a web-store which provides not only Fashion pieces but also tips on knowing your body shapes for better dressing and also recently, Jesse Girl Cosmetics ! 
They are the authentic and authorized reseller for Jesse Girl Cosmetics so that means, in Malaysia, there's only one reseller for Jesse Girl Cosmetics  which is Fringe Fashion!

Jesse Girl Cosmetics, Cosmestic brand from USA not only it's super affordable, we gave them thumbs up for the quality of the product. Even youtube star, juicystar07 love them.

Without further ado, let us have a peek on the products that Fringe Fashion sent it to us.
Talking about the packaging, Fringe Fashion have seriously nice, neat and lovely packaging ever!

Here are the swatches of the eye-shadows/ eye-dust that Fringe Fashion gave it to us.
It includes two eye-shadow, seven eye dust, one kohl eyeliner , three lip gloss and a dress. First row, from left to right - Cafe Au Lait, Sunlit Cactus, Peek A Boo, Rouge Flambe. Second row, from left to right - Baby Blues, Majestic Green, Blue Moon, Complex, Glow.

So allow us to show you the make up tutorial by using Jesse Girl Cosmetics from Fringe Fashion!
For a natural spring look, try this :

1. Prime your eyelid and also the face where you think it's appropriate. We have our lens on too.
2. Use as a first layer of eye-dust, Cafe Au Lait on all over your lid.
3. Pick up eye-dust, Peek A boo apply on the outer half of your lid.
4. Bring along Peek A boo to your lower lash line
5. To help make the eyes"pop", apply Sunlit Cactus on your dinner corner of your eye.
6. We call this invisible eyeliner, which is a thin lining of the inner part of your eyelid with Kohl Formula Eyeliner.
7. Apply your ideal mascara and blusher. Finish up with the Pink Lemonade Lip gloss.

And you are done! The natural yet full of spring inspired look is perfect for any occasion.

Here with another option of more dramatic look.  

1. Prime your eyelid and also the face where you think it's appropriate
2. Apply Glow Eyeshadow on all over your lid and brow bone as a highlight
3. Place Complex Eyeshadow on the outer half of your lid.
4. Build up more red colour with the Rouge Flambe Eye dust.
5. Create a thinker liner on your Upper and half way of the bottom waterline with Kohl Formula Eyeliner.
6. Apply your favorite mascara and blusher. We mixing Formula 13 Wild berry & Pink Lemonade Lipgloss to complete the look.

Wala! You are all ready to head out! 

If we really need to choose the Top 3 must have. It would be the Eye Dust, it was so pretty & highly pigmented! By using just a little bit of it, the colour is truly amazing. Second would be Kohl Formula Eyeliner that came together with a sharpener, suitable for heavy traveler. But bare in mind it will smudge a little bit. Third would be the Formula 13 lipgloss - Wild berry. Smell so yummy and kissable lip.

Aside from that, Fringe Fashion also gave us a dress - MALTESE
With a little cape style and split on the shoulder side, it actually flaunt your arms perfectly and without being too much. 
Also, we love the side pocket on it as it carry a little design on the dress as well. 
Speaking about the center line of the dress, don't underestimate it. 
The detail of the dress is like mandarin collar and also stitches design which pretty much low cut compare to others. 
So yeah, it will definitely flaunt your cleavage as well, but with a hint of elegance ;D

All in one, Jesse Girl Cosmetics are perfectly good! We rate it 8/10 for the quality and believe us, Jesse Girl Cosmetics are able to compete with MAC. NO JOKE, and why not you just try it out yourself since it is so cheap, the Jesse Girl Cosmetics are all below RM 20 ! Seriously, below than RM 20 for a COMPETEABLE MAC PRODUCTS ? WHY NOT RIGHT? 
Try it and tell us what you think! ;D Also, Fringe Fashion provides us the best service ever! Efficient, effective, affordable and friendly. Thumbs up for both the products and the owner. Highly recommended blog shop ;)

Pamper Yourself - Perfumes

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Blog Shop :  The Beauty Holics

The beauty Holics carried various of authentic perfumes, u'll get your desire, personalize sense.