Autumn Circus

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1. Shaded Sheer Blouse , RM 89

Blog Shop : Reverie

A huge step up to Reverie store as they brings you top to toe cool pieces . Check that unique highwaisted denim pants with line cuff hugging your whole legs, adding a little sexy hint on you isn't it? 

Dress for the occasion

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1. The White Dress , RM 30

Blog Shop : Kiss My Tutu

Got an occasion to attend but have no idea what to wear, don't worry! Here's a style tip for you under one roof at Kiss My Tutu. Speaking about looking fabulous, touch down and highlight yourself with a hint of crystallized cinderella shoe, shine and spark upon people's eye.

Fancy Earring

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3. Owl Earring I , RM 5
4. Silk Bow Dandelion Earring , RM 4 * SOLD *
5. Baby Ball Earring , RM 4

Blog Shop : Beauty Bubbly

Look into details, where the power of earrings unleashed .


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Blog Shop : Vanity Stanza

Sometimes, we have our lazy moments, we just want to be casual. So let's just wear simple spaghetti with some basic jeans now shall we? 

* It's pre-loved *

The Real Girl

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1. Dodora Magic pink cream vs Isbrow Pink Lady gloss , RM 46 * Postage Included *
2. LUS V Line FACE Slimming set , RM 71 * Postage Included *
3. LUS S LINE Body Slimming Glove , RM 71 * Postage Included *
4. Hips Booster , RM 105 * Postage Included *

Blog shop : Supermodel's Secret

By all mean, who doesn't want to look good in every moment, especially when Raya Festive season is just around corner! So here's the a key to unlock the beauty secret, get instant effects and beautied at SS.

Simply Knitting

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5. D-7633 : Denim Shorts , RM 43 

Blog Shop :  Take That

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not asking you to wear such warm knitting clothing during our all year summer, but there always a solution to follow the trend. Try these knitted hole top, pair with denim shorts to cut down heat!

Shoes with Souls

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1. Shoe SN890 BROWN , RM 53
2. Shoe SN814 BLACK , RM 77
3. Shoe SN746 PINK , RM 56
4. Shoe SN768 OLIVE , RM 51
5. Shoe SN882 BLACK , RM 52 
6. Shoe SN908 BLACK , RM 56

Blog Shop :  Agape Boutique

Step up your shoe game with these stylish shoes for any occasion. Sporting some of the season’s coolest trends!

* It's a pre-order sins *

Shirt thing - The Shirt-Dress

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1. Fion Shirt Dress , RM 51
2. Kimberly Shirt Dress , RM 43 (Free belt)
3. Sleeveless Trench , RM57 (Free Satin Waist Scarf)
4. Ashley , RM 41
5. Bow Back Shift Dress , RM 57 

Blog Shop :  J'r La Bellee

Having trouble with matching your clothing? Throw on a shirt dress then definitely look good and presentable. We recommend you to check out their chic collection, enjoy!

Pic credit via Eleven Objects (the best looking collar ever!)

Shirt thing - Concave

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Blog Shop :  A Flaire Affair

Break away from all the boring office attire, try on these Cheeky cropped in front and curved at the back shirts, make your look more edgy.

Pic credit via Eleven Objects (the best looking collar ever!)

Shirt thing - Tie-front

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1. Cody Pan Blouse , RM 72
2. Stylo Denim Shorts , RM 50

Blog Shop :  Zoop Online

Shirt just move to the next level with this cute tie cody pan blouse. Direct from Japan, very good quality.  It goes with everything denim short, highwaisted jean, give it a twist of fresh TURQUOISE color culottes!

Pic credit via Eleven Objects (the best looking collar ever!)

Blush Tones

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1. Bodycon Skirt , RM 29
2. Bodycon Dress , RM 35
3. Scallop Dress , RM 38
4. Party Toga Dress , RM 38

Blog Shop :  Couture Studio

  Pink and Red! The team color of all girl things. I bet you've heard about Scallop Top. Now Couture Studio bringing you with this Scallop Dress. Take color blocking one step further with this ultra-bold duo!

Black & Yellow

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Blog Shop : Tee Oh Oh

Yellow is striking just like thunder bolt, be prepare to stunt some people and get those eyes on you.

Totally Supre

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1. Varsity Baseball Jacket , RM 145 (BEST SELLER)
4. Dusty Print Kaftan , RM 49

Blog Shop :  Kaleidoscope Sunday

No more waiting as Kaleidoscope Sunday is now carry ready stock Supre items! As Supre are having over 250 apparel on sale, they are open for Pre-order batch #10 as well.

Pure & Simple

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1. V-Shape Neck Bat , RM 38
2. Contrast Meiji , RM 49
3. Ballet Skirts , RM 36
4. Flare Bat Crop Top , RM 32
5. Big Bow Shorts , RM 33 

Blog Shop :  Mango Orangie

We're all making a clean statement with these Flare bat top and bow short, ballet skirts.

Looks that pop

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1. Bowler Hat , RM 40
2. Angel Wings Shoes , RM 65
3. Hello Kitty Glasses , RM 40
4. Angel Fingers , RM 14

Blog Shop :  The Shop Next Door

Why shy away to stand out, The Shop Next Door is here to help you to finish your looks that really popped! Closing date : 1st of Sept, place your order now!

* It's a pre-order sins *

Corporate Chic

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Blog Shop :  An Old Flame

Chic simplicity of the modern working woman. This collection offers clean line and structured shapes; the classic workwear with an on-trend edge.

Under the Sea

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3. N42- Turtle , RM 23
5. R027-Anchor Ring , RM 20 

Blog Shop :  Delirious

Dive in to the sea and grab your desirable treasures and sing with me under the sea, under the sea, darling it's better down here it's treasures.

Basic Instinct

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1. PA0055 - Pink , RM 55.90
2. PA0036 - Gold (top) , RM 67.90
3. PA0035 - Orange (skirt) , RM 49.90
4. PA0032 - Purple , RM 79
5. PA0033 - Orange , RM 62 

Blog Shop :  Pandora

Wardrobe staples are only boring if you pair them with the same old. Give them star quality with the season's buys


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Blog Shop :  Secret Alluree

Cracking nail it's such a huge hits right now, just one later of application you can enjoy the magic of crack nail polish!

They giving :
• 10% discount to Secret Allure Facebook fans.
 • Purchases exceeding RM300, a promo code of 10% discount will be given to be used for your next purchase.
 • Purchases exceeding RM500, a promo code of 15% discount will be given to be used for your next purchase.

Below 10 bottles
West Malaysia : RM 7
East Malaysia : RM 910 bottles and
 above*FREE SHIPPING!!! 

NOT only that! They are now having our very first giveaway.Winner will get:1 Nicole by OPI. For more info check out HERE

The Floaty Feeling

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Blog Shop :  Su Estilo

Go light, the way to layer this season's long and languid silhouettes. With airy, silky or even chiffon for a look that's utilitarian yet oh-so-elegant.

Lace Off

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2. Vanity 046: Flowy Korean Lace Top , RM 47 (LAST PIECE!)

Blog Shop :  Vanity Dreams

Show your love for lace with full lace cropped cardigan or top. Too much lace to handle? How about a hint of lace diagonally across front of dress, pair with this multi-way bag or clutch.

PROMOTIONS : Avant La Mode

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Check out these unique accessories! It could be all yours and it's FREE.

Here's how,

If you're too busy to watch the vid, here's what you'll stand to win & some quick stepson how to join this fab giveaway..

1x Grand Winner gets RM 50 worth of ALM goodies!
3x winners get RM 10 worth of ALM goodies!
(These ALM vouchers are applicable to ALL ALM items but is subject to availability)

How to join:
1. Add Avant la Mode as a Friend on Facebook or follow Avant La Mode on Blogger (this site).
2. Send an e-mail to with the subject "Raya & Merdeka Giveaway"
3. Please don't forget to include your FB username or Blogger username so that they can add your entries in the draw!
4.Your are done!

The Giveaway starts NOW (19th Aug 2011) & ends on the 27th August 2011.Winners will be announced around the 3rd of September 2011.

AND! psst... Avant La Mode offer KIV READERS who joins this giveaway an extra entry that will increase their chances to win the giveaway! How Awesome! Just drop them an email mention that you are KIV's readers!

Goodluck!*Bear hugs all around!*

For more detail, visit Avant La Mode

Bright Idea

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1. WMA-D003 , RM 38
2. WMA-D005 , RM 38
3. WMA-B002 , RM 38
4. WMA-B001 , RM 28

Blog Shop :  Wowmiamario

Vivid colour are on a hot streak, take color blocking one step further with this ultra-bold duo!

Never FULL

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1. Super Bra ♥ , RM 60
3. Vintage Drape Dress , RM 53
4. Toga Affairs , RM 59

Blog Shop :  NeverFull

Get a new closet to fill in all these fabulous apparels. Super bra that very comfortable! highly recommended for beginners! and don't forget all the fabulous dresses! Their are having an opening promotion, buy 2 pcs or above to enjoy FREE Postage.

* Actually their opening promotion ( free postage ) has ended, but the owner of NeverFull is so so kind! She's willing to give our Kivogue readers this FREE postage privilege yet ! So girls,
remember to say you're KIVOGUE readers to enjoy free postage when you purchase 2 pcs & above! :D *

Product Review : Square Art

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Welcome to the mosaic world! Mosaic art is a centuries old art form that first started when artists used smooth stones or pebbles with special shapes and fitted them into walls, pictures or even floors. Slowly it became an art form by itself and today artists cut the shapes into various sizes and fit them on furniture, paintings or pathways. Mosaic art is not very popular in our shores because most people think it is hard, messy and is only forthe professionals. That is so not true! Their acrylic tiles come ready-cut in squares of 5mm or 10mm widths so achieving a professional look is not hard at all!

We are so excited when we receive the parcel from Square Art , it was nicely packed. We get on our inner creativity and try out 2 of their goods - Large photo frame & a mini note book. Tada! Here's the KIV version! Wanna know how we did it? Keep on scrolling down babe. 

Tutorial 1 - Large photo frame
Kit contains : 1 wooden frame ( 19 x 14 cm), Mosaic tiles (30 gm), White grout, Double-sided tape and a very clear instructions. 

1. Peel off tape liner section-by section.
2. Attach mosaic tiles one-by-one using a tweezer following pattern as desired. We go for a irregular pattern. 
3. Mix grout with water at 2:1 ratio, mix well until a smooth batter is achieved. 
4. Apply grout evenly onto mosaic surface and allow to dry for 45 mins.   
5. Once dry, use a damp sponge/ cloth to rub away grout on tiles.

And you are done! Just 5 simple steps and you'll have a pretty photo frame.

If you think grout it's just too much for you. Here with a solution, without using grout, the out come is equally awesome.

Tutorial 2 - Mini Note book
Kit contains : 1 Notebook ( 9.5 x 9.5 cm), Mosaic tiles (20 gm), White grout, Double-sided tape and a very clear instructions.  

1. Attach tape liners on to the cover of the notebook.
2. Peel off tape liner section-by-section. This is optional, by using a pencil and ruler, draw a grid to help the placement of tile.  
3. Attach mosaic tiles one-by-one using a tweezer as desired.

Voila! 3 super easy steps! You have your own one of a kind notebook!

Never though of DIY can be so easy. If we can do it, so can you! If you would like to know more about mosaic tiles and grouting or information on how to get the right tools, visit their Facebook or Square Art. Remember , we too are beginners, and if it is easy to us, then it is easy to you too! Happy crafty and get mosaic away at Square Art ! ;D

And oh, here's another good news for you, KIVOGUE LOVERS,
currently Square Art is giving away 10 % discount on next purchase to anyone who post up their projects by using Square Art's tiles or DIY KITS on their Facebook wall. So if you want to get crafty away, why not enjoy this fabulous discount too? It's just simple as ABC. Snap, post, Tag and get 10% away!

Flash Back

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Blog Shop :  Soapsudsy

Embroidered hem, bow at the collar, short pussy bow, fold-over skirt, red square buttons! Old school is the new school! 

Sassy Girl

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1. Brown Ruffles ♥ , RM 49
2. Boa V3 ♥ , RM 55
3. Anelina Prints ♥ , RM 46
4. Amy ♥ , RM 49 
5. De Turquoise Toga ♥  , RM 49 

Blog Shop :  Le Mode Maison

 A must have for every sassy girl out there, expect tons of stylish print and other chic offering from casual wear to party dresses.

WHAT'S HOT: vogue6thsense

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Blog Shop : 6th Sense

When 6th Sense stomped on our page, their garments are such a eye-popping hollaway to us. With garments focusing on Korea goods, 6th Sense promise you their garments are worth for the price as it is produced in good quality and perfect workmanship. So what's the importance of perfect workmanship? BODY HUGGING and AWESOME QUALITY with guarantee satisfaction. Not only that, 6th Sense as happen to be your 6th sense too, alert the latest trend changes, like colour blocks, tulip design, and floral prints, and at here, they have indeed cater your needs tip top-ly. 

So here's the great deal , KIVOGUE LOVERS , 6th sense just like your 6th sense offers our readers a special discount which is RM 5 off on garments only! No minimum purchases needed for this bargain, just say  vogue6thsense and yes, you're entitled to get RM 5 of total bill !

So whenever you're eyeing on Korea goodies,
remember 6th sense just like your 6th sense!
Remember ,

Promo code is vogue6thsense !

* This promo is available until 22nd September 2011 *

BAZAAR FEVER : Str8 quay flea market by the sea @ Penang!

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Strait quay flea market by the sea @ Penang! It was a nice experience get to meet great peoples! Not only that, at the bazaar, you can find everything you wan, from top to toe and etc. It's really worth a visit!

Your graphic tee - Oversized hip

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1. Baby Blue Oversized T , sold out =(
4. Short Jeans , RM 39

Blog Shop :  Pinky Ribbon

Oversized Tee become even more fun when there's cute print involved. To minimize the amount of fabric, choose a high-waisted shorts or a short jeans.

Your graphic tee - Geometric

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1. Aug 043 ,RM 60
2. Aug 013 Top , RM 35
3. July 011 , RM 25 (SALE)
4. Aug 026 Bottom , RM 29
5. Juicy HEART bracelet , RM 25 

Blog Shop :  Survival Store

They're a fresh way to wear tee, pair this geometric tee with a more interesting bottom like these leopard print pants. If is too much for you to handle, how about the chained detail pants. 

Your graphic tee - Owly You

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Blog Shop :  Burdoux

It happens to all of us, we all have the "lazy" moment, when this happen, graphic tee always save the day. But this doesn't mean u cant be chic, here we have a few styling options to help u standout.

You’re gonna need Security

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1. High Waisted Shorts , RM 45
2. High Street H&M Pants , RM 65

Seriously, You’re gonna need Security high waisted /  Cute scallop short, Top shop / H&M inspired. Everything it's so "IN" trend now, this blogshop it's on Fire!

At the Ballet

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2. Pretty Pleats Skirt , RM 29
3. Brittany's Cardi , RM 25
5. Chiffon Organza Wrap , RM 45

Blog Shop :  Chic Chickk

The Accordion pleat skirt is fluid, feminine and a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. It can match with anything, even with a basic white t-shirt tucked in.

Put a ring on it

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1. Rosy Ring , RM 10
4. Chunky Owl Ring , RM 10
5. Bohemia White Ring , RM 9

Blog Shop :  Name What You Want

If you like it then you should put a ring on it! This blogshop not just carry these fabulous ring, N.W.Y.W have almost everything, from trendy clothing to stylo bag. You name it they’ll have it!

Followed Along

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1. Leopard Print Top , RM 45
3. Colour Block Dress , RM 62
4. Tulip Skirt , RM55
5. Sunshine Dress , RM 52

Hop on and Follow The Pink Rabbit to a shopaholic's paradise! Check out their newly launch 1st batch and gets clued in on our favorite pieces right now. 

Shift Register

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1. VLS030 , RM 45
2. N1354 , RM 15 (including postage)
3. VLS 014 , RM 43
5. NZ 422 , RM 28

Blog Shop :  My Love Passion

Keep thins short, sharp and sweet with a shift dress. With these trendy bag and beautiful butterfly necklace to complete the look. Psst.. they are now having up to 10% discount for early Hari Raya Sales for any purchases (Ready Stock only) up to RM35 in a single bill.  Selamat Hari Raya!

* It's a pre-order sins *