Loving the Summer - Make a Splash

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4. The blue maxi dress , RM 38

All from Vintage Day Out

Colour your outfit in hues of the ocean with these versatile clothing and bag that you can carry and wear on any summer occasions looking vintagely chic.  

Pic credit via Smashing Magazine

Loving the Summer - Bright it on

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4. Sandy Stripe Dress , RM 57

All from Phat Culture

Don't be intimidated by the bright colour, get ready for the fashion's most vibrant this summer season. Bring it on and bright away! 

Pic credit via Smashing Magazine

Get its groove back

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1. Vintage2416 , RM 39
2. Vintage2348 , RM 24
3. Vintage2388 , RM 39
4. Vintage2231 , RM 38
5. Vintage2283 , RM 36

Vintage and contemporary clothing handpicked for its style, quality and condition. Satisfy all your need and one of a kind - as each piece has its own history. Shop away with a click.

Lomography Crazy

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2. Fisheye No.2 SHIAWASE – Sparkling , Email for price inquiry
3. Holga 135TIM , RM220 (Free shipping)
4. Diana F+ Qing Hua , Email for price inquiry
5. Usagi Colorful , RM 100 (Free shipping)
6. Biscuit camera , RM 120 (Free shipping)

Blogshop : The Clicks Shop

Strong passion of creative and experimental analogue film photography then YES you are crazy over lomography! They carry wide selection of cameras, film & camera accessories, a great start for newbie or feed your needs for those analogue pro!

Mood Collection

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1. Tree of Life , RM 8
3. Genteel Twitter , RM 10
5. Roman Pearl , RM 10

Blogshop : Feed Me Candy

Clothes don't affect mood, mood can affect your clothes. Complete your looks depending on what you're feeling like today with this quirky accessories.


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3. PlayMe Leo Zip Shorts , USD 98

Blogshop : Leopard Fetish

Oh my god! This is one serious blogshop that offers you the real deal! Ever dream of dressing up like the famous FASHIONTOAST ? Leopard Fetish brings you the fashion from NASTYGAL, which is what FASHIONTOAST are wearing too! Wow, what's not to shop? Since they are having awesome sales!

Loca Lovca

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5. Lovca _ Scales Top , RM 39

Blogshop : Lovca

What a unique name! Lovca not only brings you some wild prints on the go, but also polite cocktail dress to tone down but ready to dinner or any functions. It's simple but not losing it's elegance! Also spotted some casual garments . ;)


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2. Round Eyeglasses , RM 20

A new blogshop in town but nonetheless with great updates, in fact it's fans tactic! Spotted sunglasses on celebrity like Olsen twins, katy perry, Kristen Stewart ,omg. What  a love! Also envelope clutch with zippers , a new revolution of the collection, adding a rock taste.

See Me Through

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1. B 037 , RM 45
2. B 026 , RM 65
3. A 067 , RM 120
4. B 035 , RM 45

Blogshop : Avant La Mode

Avant La mode is having pre-orders for shoes and bags now! And they are so unique! See through designs , transparency with quirky cartoons, wild prints and plain look, just pick up , be random, and walk with it with confidence .

Geometry Class

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Blogshop : anylove

Now shopping for grocery or just a simple outing isn't that ordinary already! Bags from anylove is just so special and eye-catching, and with the PU material, glittery is essential .

Style Secret Weapon

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1. * Unavailable anymore *
2. ECS000825 , RM 15
3. ECS000823 , RM 13
4. ECS000781 , RM 21
5. ECS000801 , RM 19

Being a spotlight is not that difficult. With proper apparels, matching pumps and bags, you can have the spotlight on you. But wait, there's something missing .. Something that is a big plus and makes it perfect. It's jewellery. Where you can find exquisite, casual, rock, high-end , elegant, sweet style by adding it in.

Step on the Wild Side!

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They assure you that they are offering the lowest price in town for Supre spree. Since Supre is having their mega sales now, why not buy something a little wild for yourself? Pamper and trigger the wildness inside you. Unleash yourself!

In full Bloom!

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3. #T004 Lily , RM 37
5. #T002 Garden Rose , RM 37

Blogshop : Trendy Bellaz

The moment of blooming, where all flowers blooms and so appealing. Intricate with laces in crochet alongside with hemline and petals. This is where the bloom begins..

Oh Father

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1. X35471 , RM 19
2. 1766 , RM 16
3. FS1580 , RM 29.90
4. 5762 , RM 17
5. UB2590 , RM 29.90

Blogshop : Mj Accessories

Oh father, forgive me, as I have sins. Talking about sins, You're having non-others but fashion sins!

The Goodie Jar

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2. Printed Tee , RM 34
4. Jewel Encrusted Top , RM 59
5. Be My Valentine , RM 19

Blogshop : JamJars

Play with some vibrant color and present yourself into the playful and colorful world. Think of Katy Perry "California girls" concept with a simple taste of cute , quirky things to polish off your look! 

Heads Up : Do you have a gamer boyfriend or girlfriend?

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Look, here's a question for you,
We are Gamers ourself and we know how addictive games are
and here's something EPIC for a Gamer

Ever heard of JINX clothing ?
JINX is ..
The ultimate site selling apparels which include outers, tees, polos, button-ups, hats, bottoms, accessories, long sleeves and also STICKERS! 
WOW ! Epic huh ?!
What's best is ..
It's all related to games!
Apparels from games like World Of Warcraft, Portal, StarCraft, etc
It is the perfect gift for your bf/gf or friends that are into games that spell out they are gamers!

And let's see what JINX have to offer us,
based on our pick of course!

That's right! One look at it you'll know it's about games!
and what's important is,
gamers take pride when it comes to something like this and the best part is,
they are able to wear something related to their games,
the love for the games never die,

Personally , we have the one in I Fight like a Girl Women's V-Neck, 
the quality of tee is very stretchable, fitting and also cooling!
It's not like those tees with thick material yet it is for sure not visible,
and as you can see, it's in V-neck design, thus, adding another details for you.

Also , you might want to ask what's the premium tees for? 
Premium tees are those tees with excellent quality and also pretty much fitting!

Are you interested in what you see ?
for a gift for your bf/gf/ or even your friends?
and you have no idea what to give just yet?
JINX provide you the solutions,
but .. 
Jinx doesn't ship to Malaysia ,
so how ?

Here come Robotica Toys in action!
Robotica Toys is the authorized seller for Jinx ,
so if you're interested in getting one of the epic apparels,
you can head to Robotica Toys and place your order!

Besides that, what's marvelous is ,
Robotica Toys are not only selling Jinx stuff but also collectible figures!
See this :

 It's an Android collectible!
With loads of design! and the plain one ,
it's not that simple as you think!
You can personally DIY it ,
paint it based on your liking and creativity , that's the reason why it is designed in plain though!

And we assure you, 
there's so much more to see in the store!
Robotica Toys have a lot of toys & collectible in store!

So where's Robotica Toys located at ?
Simple! Refer to the map here!

Robotica Toys is at located at SS15 Subang Jaya , the exact same place as Sam Image Studio ,
In fact, its just above Sam Image Studio,
So if you're interested in what you see,
please feel free to drop by!

Also, one good news here for our readers!
Robotica Toys is offering 10 % off with the code of #GOVOGUE on JINX products!
Yes you heard us ! 10 % off exclusively on JINX products for our readers!
So what are you waiting for?
Get going and buy some present to pamper yourself, your bf / gf / friends already!

Blazing Sharp-Design World

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2. Knitted Dress , RM 28

All from anaabu

Wearing a embroidered blazer over any casual outfit is one of the easiest ways to smarten up your look. With this chic yet comfortable clothing, you may focus and squeeze your creative juice!

Blazing Sharp-Corporate Perks

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1. Back Cross Exclusive dress , RM 50
4. OL Blazer , RM 69

All from Not Naked

The dream  job could be just a few click away. Be the PEARKS of the Corporate world by tidying up and make it look more professional, presentable and catch your potential employer's eye. A sharp Blazer is a must for the office. An asymmetrical lapel that gives you a subtle confidence. 

Blazing Sharp-Service Line

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With a simple basic collar top with a hi low twist OR a bow-tie blouse gets a sartorial upgrade when tucked in. This Indigo blazer makes it work friendly yet keeps the outfit from being too serious. So stand straight, serve away with a Big smile =) 

Live in my skirts

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4. Friendship Bracelets , RM 4 each
5. Zip Clutch/ Carry-all , RM 45 / 2@RM 80

All from COSMIC+

Calf-length skirts aren't difficult to wear. You just need to keep proportions in mind, a body-skimming top fits nicely with an A-Line silhouette. Hard time finding the perfect length that fit u? Cosmic+ to the rescue! Drop them an email with your further measurements, they will costume made these maxi skirts specially for u!  

Sunday Shopping Spree

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A Fashion Obsession is having a massive clearance tomorrow!

Details as per below:

Date: Sunday, 24th July, 2011
Time: 11.00am- 7.00pm
Venue: Function Room, Maxwell Towers, Jalan 5/58C, Gasing Heights, 46000 PJ (Near Petaling Garden, Section 5, Assunta Hospital area)

It's going to be a nice bargain , so get what you want, grab what you can !
Happy shopping!

Skirt Rebel

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1. FB 8 , RM 75
2. FB 11 , RM 50
3. FB 2 , RM 50
4. FB 7 , RM 70

All from French Bucket

Show off your sexy legs with these fashion forward skirts! Fun prints skirts perfectly paired with your favorite flats to create a cute and youthful vibe. 

Embrace Colour

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5. CODE A5001BW: Brown , RM 39

All from Drezz Code

Bye bye Black! This season it's all about embracing colour. For a more contemporary take, pair it with black bags or shoes will only make you look outdated. Instead, go for neutral tones or exciting prints. They are giving FREE postage not only to Malaysia, for Singapore as well! 

Victoria Secret's Angel

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Having the nicest scent is something that every girl to die for, oops, we meant dream for, yes, so do we! My dressing Barn understand this need and they are offering a wide array goodies from Victoria Secret, personally tested out pure seduction lotion, it is so so sweet! My dressing barn also provide you a fabulous choices of gift ideas, so shop away for a gift , where your loves one will be surprise! ;)

Be a class act!

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All from Burdoux

Love the sexy back cocktail dress, blogshops now are so brilliant and they keep on bringing something that are special, specially dedicated to us , the shoppers . Feminine and stunning , we say, of these looks .

Timeless Pieces!

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1. Casio MQ27 Series , RM 59 * Free Postage *
2. Casio MQ24 Series, RM 59 * Free Postage *
3. big pockets , RM 56
4. Casio A168WG-1 , RM 109 * Free Postage *
5. Casio MQ24 Series, RM 59 * Free Postage *

All from Minibus

In this collection , minibus is bringing you the watch series from Casio! We have the Casio MQ24 Series watch since last year, and we would rate the quality of it 8/10 . Seriously, we are wearing it for one year plus now, this watch still look exactly like new with no defects! and Minibus is bringing this series alongside with free postage and cheaper price! Shop away now!

Shop $mart!

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1. Item 28 , RM 25
2. Item 2 , RM 25
3. Item 34 , RM 25
4. Item 31 , RM 25

All from Miss Nineteen

Miss Nineteen is having their megasales in store, nothing more than RM 30 in this sales categories! So shop away now at Miss Nineteen!

Pleasing Lovely

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1. LB 0375 Dress Top , RM 45
3. LB 0374 Top+ Pants , RM 58

All from La'Belle Closet

Aww, this is something for a day out in lovely and casual . Which one are you? Lovely or casual for today? And that LB0374 is the price for 2 in 1! You can have the top and pants together just for RM 58 only!

Wear THAT shoes

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1. Nailis Blue 901 , RM 70
2. Nailis Blue 900 , RM 70
3. CG20 , RM 60
5. Tiffany Black , RM 66

All from Just Pretty

These shoes are all so comfy and we ought to take them home! Something to pamper our feet today!

In The Mood For Fashion

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2. Meow , USD 48.50
3. Priscilla , USD 47.50
4. Simone , USD 46.50
5. Lady Bird , USD 22.50

MOOD fashion store is one of a kind for custom made designs for you ladies. Recognizing the problem - you might bump into some one else with the same apparels like you, MOOD fashion store is here to rescue the day! They customize everything in their store,and if you have questions , drop them a mail . They adjust the apparels according to your size and heights!

Lolli lolli lollipop

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1. N917HM (Poki The Gnome) , RM 26.90
2. N917HM (Well of Fortune) , RM 26.90
5. R946HM (Princess Anya) , RM 29.90

Gotta love this quirkish and kitchy little stuff! We tot that accessories are not that important originally, but little did we know, accessories would just brighten/polish your whole look up, like SERIOUSLY! So never underestimate the power of accessories, and here's some cute stuff for you!

* Above all are inclusive postage *

Print Charming

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8. * Not available anymore *

Some kain and fabrics for you girls! Be it and make anything you want!