Polish off your outfit!

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1. H&M Layered Necklace , RM 16
2. Chanel Inspired Layered Necklace , RM 22
3. Vintage Snowflake Ring , RM 15 * SOLD *
4. Sparrow's Nest , RM 16
5. F21 Vintage Drop Earrings , RM 12

All from Avant La Mode

Avant La Mode , we have seen they been in a few bazaar before and trust us , the things that they brought into the bazaar are massive! They don't bring you accessories only now, they even bring in pre-order shoes ! So hop on over, in a blog of varieties ;)

Come walk in my shoes!

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All from Shoe Story

Wearing too much of heels and it actually kills your feet now? No worries! Here's some flats and wedges for you to save the day ! ;)

Fabric Fanatics!

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1. 307 Banner Cotton Tape , RM 4 / Meter
4. 324 Ness and Mommsi in Wonderland , RM 40 / Full Panel
5. 279 Sweet on Table Panel , RM 40 / Full Panel
6. 362 Passion Lace , RM 1.50 / Meter

All from Fabric Fanatics

This is for you crafting baby ! For all of you who like to craft and create something by yourself , or you would like sew your own curtains window, tablecloth, mouse pad, anything that you can think of, this is something meant to be for YOU! YES, this is really some rare and special blog shop as they offers you fabric to do anything that you like, simply just inquiry in, and shop away ,wala! who knew you have such sweet window curtain in your house in such an easy peezy way!

Drape off the shoulder!

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1. ND001 (White) , RM 32
2. EZDD003 (White) , RM 32
3. RS004 (Black Vest) , RM 23
4. EZTS003 (Blue) , RM 28

Wow would you look at that ? Some bling factors on the halter neck and also back there! All these designs are drape and off shoulder! This is definitely a way to flaunt your shoulders with those apple smoothy skin! Let the crowd envy you, make them jealous!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest among all

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1. Studded Cape Blouse , RM 59
2. Stud Denim , RM 59
3. Heart Shape , RM 59

All from Mirror Mirror

Studs has undeniably one of the element of fashion style to-date! and we are addicted to studs , we have studs wallet, bags and shoes, no kidding!

P/S : They are still new!


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1. It's Raining Ice-cream! Bookmark , RM 16 * SOLD *

All from MiniBites

Yum Yum! Ever wonder how this yummy delicious can turn into designing pieces? Now minibites certainly know the way! With cute designs and sinful dessert patterns , what's not to love right ? ;D

P/S : They are having one year anniversary giveaway! 


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1. Yellow dress , RM 30
2. Pleated top , RM 28
4. Brown oxford , RM 40

All from Nadia With Love

This is certainly some serious bargain ! You see the shoes are all in perfect condition and it has never been worn! and when we say perfect, it is PERFECT, no scratches, no defects , check out their blog!

Repurpose Fashion!

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2. Feather Dress , RM 28
4. Simplicious , RM 20

All from Ribbon & Bow

Dresses to let go in gorgeous price tags! Find the definition for them to be love again! Some are brand new some are pre-loved but both with attractive prices!

Shade of Red!

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2. QZ T592 , RM 23
3. NZ 422 , RM 28

All from My Love Passion

Affordable, sharp and eye-popping! For those who are still searching for envelope clutch, this is for you! If you want simple, that's basic for you, or you want a little bit design, crochet should do you the trick!

* It's a pre-order sins *

Punctuate your outfit

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1. Sling Bag #2 , RM 55
3. Bow Waist Belts , RM 15
4. Chain Square Bag , RM 45
5. Gold Chain Bag , RM 40

Punctuate your outfit with their directional range of accessories. Pimp your wardrobe with a little bit touch of sensible, rock, lady,mature and feminine. Bags are important nowadays as they not only serve as something to keep and hold your stuff all together, but also a fashion piece. If you have a wrong bag, it's going to be a FASHION NO NO!

Sail Away!

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2. D-Squared Bangles , RM 55
4. Skinny Pants , RM 79
5. Sailor short , RM 42

All from Walk-in Closet

Aye aye captain! Let's sail away today with a trend in style ! Nautical style that is ! With accessories and bangles, the sky today is so blue and clear ! Now that's sunny day ! ;D

Individualist shine!

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All from Glam Tags

Ohh this is marvelous ! We have been searching necklaces to craft our name for so so long ! Glam tags is specialized in providing this crafted name necklace, and the best part is they are not limited to necklace only ! They craft on rings and bracelets too! Hooo wow ! Now their prices we assure you , are so reasonable ! Go get yours now !

Same Shades, Different Intensities !

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4. Kimono Jumper , RM 25

Well said as title , same colour shades but different effects , just be smart and mix and match to bring out your personal style !

Handpicked with LOVE !

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OMG ! Legendary goddess! She is the symbol of the whole vintage trend! And fret not! These babies are all hand-picked and good news is they are having contest now ! Click and find out what are the contest for and stand a chance to win the accessories! ;D

Preowned Goods!

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1. Vintage polka , RM 20
2. Studded Heels , RM 50
3. Red dress , RM 20

All from  Hey.Wardrobe

Something that need to be love again ! Now let's spread the love together if you don't mind it's second hand , all items are in good condition and affordable prices ! Go Go ! 

Make Him Look Twice!

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All from Vamp

Vamp is having a thank you sales thus , they are throwing this mega sales to show a token of appreciation to their customers! And let's see what we have found ! Maybe some of you will like it , check it out !

This One For the Ladies

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1. D2D Trisha , RM 38
2. D2D Andrea II , RM 40
3. D2D Augustine V2 , RM 40
4. D2D Julia , RM 40

All from Dress 2 Dazzle

For those who have missed the baby doll dress number 4 , here's one ! Hurry up before you miss it alright ? And oh , here's something to work and also for dinner ;)

BAZAAR FEVER : Chic Pop 8 !

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See you all there KIVOGUE LOVERS ! ;)

Product Review : Sexy , Spicy, Saucy

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Behold !
Our first product review goes to :


 * Claps Claps * 

So whats's Sexy Spicy Saucy ?

They are one blog shop that sells lingerie nitie which is sleep wear as their main focus !
But of cause , their sleep wear = whole new level ,
wonder why ?
It's because as per name , their nitie are all damn sexy and hot * wink *

Don't believe it ?

Watch this !

She is such a beauty !
& Let's talk about the design and material wise !

Material of cheong sam fantasy is none others but of cause LACE ,
and they have inner side zipper beside!
This is good because the zip is not visible and it doesn't look awkward that way.

Cheong Sam Fantasy has some really special design as well!
See the ruffles sleeves beside ? Totally cute !
and tie bow at front with V neck black lining that expose your cleavage like WOW !
Also as you can see , the lace material is very visible and what's best is G-string is included during this purchase!  

That's not the end of it yet!
Here's another set of lingerie nightie for those who want simplicity .

Say hi to Two Piece Leopard !

It is rather simple but there's a lot of plus & love!
With lining details on bust pad
The bottom of it is visible as shown in picture,
but we can't just ignore the bottom laces around it can we ?
Also this is one sexy back lingerie too ;)

Now what we say :
We have personally tested out the lingerie nightie and it is most utterly comfort !
No kidding , it is very very comfortable and also * wink * to the design ,
also thumbs up quality!

& here comes the good part 
Sexy Spicy Saucy is giving 10 % off exclusively for KIVOGUE Lovers with minimum purchase of RM 50!

1. DEU Push Up Corset Bra with Panties , RM 99
2. Hide and Seek , RM 39
3. TL001 , RM 8

Hop over to Sexy, Spicy, Saucy now as they have just updated with new collection ! 
make your night sparkle and boost your confidence & inner beauty
with SSS ! ;D

Shop & Win!

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2. TREIZE , RM 39
3. * Unavailable Anymore *
5. * Unavailable Anymore *

All from Fringe Fashion

Remember fringe fashion where they bring you the bold and wild dress ?  Refer Here : New Sparklers . Now they have an awesome giveaway contest ! All you have to do is just fill in the form and answer the questionnaire and that's it! The lucky one will get the Ven Conmingo bracelet as the prize ! 

Reminder : Closing date  on 1st July 2011

A Fresh Mint Look

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3. GRACE , RM 55

All from Motte Closet

Mint and green is the new bomb! It is so refreshing like mother nature, and fashion, you know , always adapt things around us very fast, therefore, here are the series of freshness brought to you by Motte Closet ! Refresh your closet and fill in something fresh instead of dull one , if you think you are bored with your closet  ;)

Just the right hints of skin

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5. Linsy Cage Dress , RM 49
6. Nelly Scallop Top , RM 40

All from Skinny Heels

So in! So trendy! and we are so blown away by their collection. Exclusively imported from Singapore and in limited pieces, these are the STATEMENT baby! Both the dress shared the same concept, to flaunt and show your back / skin perfectly, what's not to love? And oh, the bag ? It is in mini size! That is why it is convenient and cute at the same time! with also design like this, it catches our eyes instantly !

Summer's Top 5!

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2. Colorblock Trim Fedora , USD 9.80
3. F7374 Sunglasses , USD 5.80

This is something new! They are taking orders for Forever 21 ! the best part of the spree is you can get new arrival apparels way before than others! Unlike here, we have to wait for everything ;/ 

Oh another thing is hurry up ! They are closing this batch on June 30th , that's 7 days from now ! GO GO !

Delicate Beauty!

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1. Sexy Chic , RM 48
2. La Belle , RM 49
3. Polka Tea Dress , RM 40
4. Vintage Diva , RM 49

All from Poppy Mallow

One sentences to say , Dress to KILL!

Movie Date!

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3. Salmon Coloured Dress, USD 21.40
4. Grecian Goddess, USD 19.70

Wondering what to wear for movie dates ? Some suggestions for you! Neat and tidy but still lovely .

Her Favorite Picks !

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3. sailorettes , RM 69
5. zipper-front high waisted skirt - denim , RM 41.30 * 30% off *

All from A Chic Store

Drape knit , an outer that you might like with starry patterns! Colourful weave belts too ! and a simple basic sailorettes dress , a day of casual , easy peazy .

Bow Wow!

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5. Hairclip - Candy Ribbon , RM 5.34 * 40% off *

All from Seok & Co

Hairbands ! YEAH ! Well, we have to admit , hairbands did make a huge wave , surprisingly and unexpectedly! 

Girl Just Want to Have Fun!

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3. New Banana Bag , RM 89
4. Ditsy Print Dress , RM 36

All from Beelie-K

To you all out there, the banana bags are replica one , we have already asked them for you! Also dress to fit the bags , an idea for you ;)

Black Beauty!

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1. A206 , RM 28
2. A143 , RM 28
3. A139 , RM 28
4. A13 , RM 28

All from Fourleafcloset

Sexy back , lace , mesh , black , we will never get enough of it!

Fill in your Jewelry Box!

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1. Black Deer Necklace , RM 25
4. Beady Cocktail Ring , RM 29
5. Elle Cocktail Ring , RM 29

All from Zikkos

Zikkos , a well establish and famous site that specialize in accessories! Every piece of it = Statement , we need not say more !

Lovely Lace!

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All from Cathy Katie

Cathy katie, what a catchy name ! Quirky, cute and lovely too! We bet that they are so madly in love with lace, because the apparels that they brought in , are all different! The design is different but with same material , LACE!

Miracle Wonderland!

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1. Notebook 1.0 , RM 10
2. Pre-LOVED * Visit page for price * 
3. Alphabets Decor * Email for Price *


This is site is super duper cool ! Awesome and conceptual! They not only sell apparels, but also HOME DEC! Say what ? YES ! HOME DECO , you see the alphabets there ? Also spotted love for notebook! Oh my god !

ROCK the graphics!

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1. LWC1214-C Cyan , RM 58
2. LWC1217-A Grey , RM 38
3. LWC1061-A , RM 38 * Inclusive Pos Express *
4. LWC1215-C Brown * SOLD *

Motives, graphics, diagrams, retro pictures, illustrations are special? Why special ? Well, special because the prints of cause! With vibrant colours and simple prints , this is the bomb yo!

Lets Switch!

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1. B&W oxford shoes , RM 45
2. Leopard Cropped Top , RM 48
3. * Unavailable anymore *
5. Fringe Flat Shoes , RM 45

All from Dotty Dots

Dotty Dots , sales site or preloved site from Trend Reports! Amazing isn't it ? They bring in not only whole new ready stock but also selling their pre-love item at the same time ! Take a look and in case you love the bargain , hit them an email! ;)

Bag Wow!

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4. Miss Applique , RM 20

Smashing Pit Stop , your authentic getaway for branded bags! If you have the love for LV, Prada, Long Champ and others , this is one site that you don't want to miss ! Moreover, the prices for above bags are inclusive Pos Laju! So shop shop away, this bargain is cheaper than other retail store ! 

Flaunting your fabulousity!

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1. Cream cape , RM 45
2. cherrykoko , RM 90
3. Snidel Blue dress , RM 79
4. Stylenanda dress , RM 88

All from Rose Cottage

Now this is something that you wouldn't want to miss! For you girls that want to have a little simplicity but looking fabulous at the same time, make way for this apparels to be in your wardrobe! A steal totally!

Big Girl u are beautiful !

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1. OL Love Long Top , RM 35
2. O/S Exec Wear , RM 40
4. V Arrow Puffy Tunic , RM 30

All from Plus Size Fashion

Hey Ho ! This is something special now! Specially for you plus size ladies over there! This is definitely one site that you wanted to check it out! Plus Size Fashion offers you the looks in trend , what's more ? All products for us , sure are all comfortable! It is super duper affordable! They are bringing in earrings for the latest updates too!

Blowing Kisses!

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All from Kiss My Tutu

Exclusively collection from South Africa, this is so true ! Look at the vibrant and signature colour! Lookie lookie! And also the dress! All pieces are in limited pieces, actually it's only one piece per design, so better hurry! Don't lose your chance to grab it!

Walk in the park!

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1. Floral Couture , RM 29 * LAST PIECE *
2. Rocketeer , RM 35 * SOLD *
3. Autumn Concerto , RM 32 * LAST PIECE *
4. High Waist Butterfly Print , RM 35 * LAST PIECE IN PINK *

All from Raqual Reed

These wardrobe are defining the essence of garden .Floral , butterfly prints, spread it love! spread the symbols of mother nature . ;) 

Wear it then, wear it now!

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1. Vintage2078 , RM 34
2. Vintage2099 , RM 32
3. Vintage2072 , RM 38
4. Vintage2097 , RM 29

Never ending love for vintage, actually vintage is the love of our mama ! Check their wardrobe, we bet that it's something similar or close! oh by the way, the pattern of sunny sideup closet never fail to make us fall in love! Another big love is , they are very affordable!

Utterly Chic!

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All from Yours Truly Fashion

Chicky and bright colours! It's striking and stunning, also eye-catching! Love how the designs work, the bold red dress with statement silver halter which also looks like necklace is love! So bold okay? Also the blue baby doll dress, it's very very striking but at the same time, you won't lose the sweetness, don't worry ;)