Guilty Pleasure!

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4. Sky of Seagulls , RM 100

All from Maker / Breaker

Looking for H&M Series of bags and clutches? Find no more! Here comes Maker / Breaker! If you're heading to the beaches, take sky of seagulls with you! Playful and different. As for striped satchel holdall, it's a nautical series. So sail the ship, aye aye captain! You can fit in with any occasion because it is so versatile and casual! Clutches like sweet spring floral, pretty in pink and blackout clutch? Bring it out and show it, darn gorgeous to day or night out!

* It's a pre-order sins *

The IT-Girl!

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All From Serena N Blair

Another Gossip Girl series collection! We say it's a IT-girl because this is absolutely alien. Oops, okay what we meant about alien is these dresses are all drop dead hot and special! That is why, it is different than others!

Be Supre!

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3. MJ065 , RM 40
4. MJ017 , RM 30

Another bloghshop that brought in Supre and loves from around the world. The chain top is a plus, you don't need any accessories , that's the highlight already! As for the black dress, another gorgeous to the back but with a little style up taste.


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1. Snowing Studs **Our Best Seller** , RM 84
2. New Year Fireworks , RM 39 * Inclusive of pos express *
3. Maxi 4 U *new colour* , RM 55
4. Strapless Royal Masterpiece Dress , RM 65

SWOTR is having sales ! Further slashed down prices for all Supre items! It's joyful joyful all the way! Supre stocks that you can't miss, hurry now ! There's whole lot of supre stocks waiting for you! Shop shop away! ;)

Nude Awakenings!

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It's a fashion word and earth tone is a hit! These are such a darling for all of you to try out! Earth tone is feminine not to mention, but also soft and classy, if you're tired of black dress , black top everything black, why not switch or try earth tone ? It's classy and elegant for us , come to think about it, it's a love at first sight!

Modern & Wearable!

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1. Beige N Tie , RM 29
2. Miss Toga , RM 40
3. Studded High Waist Skirt , RM 37 * Free delivery *
4. Eyelet Babydoll Top , RM 29

All from Dr. Enchante

With pieces like those, Dr Enchante is one blogshop that offer a real cheap bargains! Simple, black, toga is still smoking hot . Black is the ultimate colour that never fails to be appealing! Also the eyelet babydoll top ? Sweet , pair it with blue short jeans to be casual. As for Beige N Tie, it's a office cardigan for you ! ;)

Love is in the Air!

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2. Retro Bow blooms , RM 14
3. Peach Heart Wings , RM 9 * SOLD *
5. Peach Retro Heart , RM 10

All from Love Floressa

It's accessories time! With all those jaw dropping design and amazing prices, you cannot miss out these fashion statements! 

Roaring Beauty!

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1. IN THE WOLF , RM 38
3. Misster , RM 25

All from Butterscotch

Butterscotch has brought in the ultimate roaring pieces! It's the wolf and leopard print waves for some wild wild element to spice up your day of outing! Or would you like to tone down a little bit today, go for some awesome pouch . Actually no! It can be pouch , camera bag, pencil cases and more! 


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1. Let's Get High , RM 80
2. Vintage , RM 45
3. Chiffon breeze , RM 38
4. Miu Miu Inspired , RM 70

All from Feed My Needs

Those shoes are fabulous! As seen in LOOKBOOK, a lot of the fashionista out there are having those fab shoes! It's miu miu inspired and we bet it's comfy! Versatile and able to pair on with any outfits, something to steal for sure!

Spice Up Your Style!

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1. SCR15T2099 , RM 45.90
2. SCR15D2733 , RM 59.90
3. SCR15D1868 , RM 59.90
4. SC-S3177 , RM 65.90

All from Soul Chic

Wow! Ain't this something to grab? We love the top, it's in blue and also the drape tie knot on the back! Without a single effort, it just carry the style of a little bit casual and sexy at a same time. If you want to be a rocker chic, just pair it with leather pants and some killer heels, chunky accessories! Sweet and lady look, never to late to take back 2 & 3 pair with 4 on! Now that's one fine accessory chest that you got there! * pre-order basis * 

Chic Look that is Comfortable!

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3. Knee High Tights , RM 18
5. Skinny Jeggings , RM 40

House of Leggings as per name, are selling only leggings and they sell a whole lot of it! From leather look-a-like, thighs, stockings, jeggings to multiple special design leggings, you name it they have it! Currently they are having promotions too, for those who purchase more than RM 140 are entitled for free pos laju! Combine purchase is okay too, look at their sister site Sista Closette for more!


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1. Miss Plain Jane * SOLD *
2. Miss Yvonne , RM 57
3. Miss Limo , RM 40

As always, Attire's Attic always bring you the sizzling hot collection of dresses. With striking colours, affordable pricing and special design, their pieces are always sold out very fast, so grab it fast while you can!

Social Butterfly!

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1. MC 178 , RM 55
2. Mc 162 , RM 50
3. Mc 189 , RM 42
4. MC 187 , RM 30

All From Emcee Couture

Emcee Couture - Custom made or tailored! With custom made based, we are sure that this is one of the blog shop that have exquisite design and a little touch of here and there to make the perfect outfit for you! Heart shape cut out front body con with stretchable material is a big plus! Pleated dress with cut out looking back, it's a sexy back combat. Check out the buttons! It's heart-shaped , cute!


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Our on the house adverts will be FREE FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH ,
It is still on-going!

Come and fill in our adverts space!

Just hit us an email at!
Inquiry or anything are welcome!

Be hurry now,
because our deadline for advert's space is till
15 JUNE  2011 !

Let's spread & fill the love here !
Keep the emails coming! ;)

Steal Deal!

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1. Army Hanging Tassle , RM 42
2. 1 Piece Dress , RM 28

All from Desire 2 Shop

" A Group of fashion love that just enter the REAL world whom do not want to be constrained by $$ to look fabulous & trendy!" Quote from Desire 2 shop ! Desire 2 shop's motto is to provide a wide range of products to all those shoppers out there, and now they've fulfilled their promise! It's sale time! Selected tops are priced as low as Rm 25 while dresses are Rm 28 , click to shop now ! ;)

Power Dress!

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All From Whitesoot

With these power dress, You are ready to rock on the day at your work! Feel the difference, charge up and boost your confidence! Confidence is one very important key to carry out one's personality , so power up up and UP ! Heads up , snap fingers and walk * cat walk as in * ;B


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1. Pastel Waves , RM 36
2. Simple Touch , RM 46
3. Laura , RM 36
4. Weave Belt , RM 20

All from Seventh Day

1, 2 , 3 , 4, 5 , 6 ,7 . We have seven days in a week! And we often think of what to wear every day. It's just the same routine and definitely crack our head out for it. Here comes Seventh Day to the rescue! From the ruffled pieces, it can be both formal or casual, just pair it up with some black pumps for formal looks. As for casual, with weave belt and some flats, you are ready to go! 

The Upper East Siders!

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Inspired by the drama series Gossip Girl, the glamoiselle brings you the wardrobe of how the GG girls style themselves!  With studded sequined details , off shoulder dress. These might be the pieces that you don't want to miss!

In The City!

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1. WR007 , RM 220
2. WR012 , RM 220
3. WR013 , RM 220
4. Belt A , RM 30
5. Rose Belt , RM 25

Karen Millan dresses on the go! Karen Millan = designer dress = exquisite taste! With all those detailing designs, it's a two thumbs up! Simply unique we would say! These Karen Millan series is brought to you by Whimsical Runway which is also run by Tic Tac Toe 28 . KM is all based on pre-order base and it require two to three weeks for arrival. As for belts featured? It is ready stock! So grab on if you are finding some girlish and florally belt to suit up! ;) 

Call of the Wild Cat!

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3. Blush Sweetheart Heels , RM 180 * Inclusive postage *
4. Chains Round Toe Heels RED , RM 60 * Inclusive Postage * SOLD

All from Vamp

As per title, this is one blog shop that provides a whole lot of sexy and wild apparels! You know, by being looking good and sexy at the same time really can boost your confidence to the max! You listen/hear about black and white dress a lot , but have you come across this kind of dress? We bet no! We love how the end of the dress slope slightly upper at the center part, it's like a curve and also the middle/center part ! It will definitely shape up your waist! ;) Add on some killer heels , and you're one sexy babe on the move!

Fab Nab!

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4. Crochet Lace Hem Dress- White , RM 65 * SOLD *
5. Weave Belt with Tassel- Dark Maroon , RM 35 * SOLD * RESTOCKABLE

All from Popdalollies

We would say popdallies is a blog shop that has a little bit of everything. Be it sweet, sexy, casual and cool . Anything that you want it you just can find it in store. Actually you can play with the style you want depends on your mood of the day! The illustration above is a little bit of everything. Pick yours based on your mood today! ;) 

Spring Picnic!

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Now this is what spring is all about and feels like. With chiffon material, all these are perfect for some cooling moment when we are caught middle in this hot weather, technically, Malaysia's weather. Light weighted, flouncy as we always said. We like how the top and short looks like. It is like having wings over there, okay , maybe * too much of imagination *. As if we can fly. Oops ..

Fly Me To The Moon!

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1. #QD0511-01G , RM 68
2. #QD1101-02B , RM 62
3. #QD0511-06M , RM 68
4. #QD0511-02BLK , RM 65

All from QUAD

QUAD is inspired by the high fashion street style, think something like LOOKBOOK! They like to have street snaps a lot! So whenever you see QUAD, it's all about the fashion on the street! In this collection, they are falling in love with loose looking top! Personally , we have this kind of loose top ourselves, it is comfy and also it feels like flying! Thus, * Fly ! Fly Me to the Moon * , wait , flying? Yes! You heard us!

Easy Breezy!

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1. ozrA_189 Blang-Blang, Design 10 , RM 25 each, Rm 48 for 2
2. ozrC_569 Smashet , RM 48
4. ozrB_193 Mimel , RM 40 

All from Oozora.Tang

If you are searching for a shop that will fit your from head to toe, Oozora.Tang might be the one for you! Oozora.tang is one of the blogshops that offers you with all the things that you must have! From accessories, outfits, bags, badges and surprisingly , we also find that oozora.tang brought in something for pets too! It's some really easy breezy job to find all the things you want in one blog shop, it's just one click away!

Viva Chiffon!

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1. Ms Black And White , RM 45
3. Summer Collection , RM 35
4. Chiffon Dress , RM 55

Yup, that's right! It's chiffon again! We simply fall in love in this beautiful chiffon. The floaty dress over there? It will be very great for any day event or for alternative, you can just pair it up with some statement jewellery for some cute looking evening! Sweet looking without over the top, that's how we love!

White Laces!

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1. MLF Must Have Celebrities Favorite Necklace ★ Bib Necklace , RM 30
2. MLF 614 Must Have Knitted Fashionable Outer, RM 50
3. BB29503 Korean Style Laces Chiffon Singlet Dress , RM 25
4. BB9935 Korean Must Have Laces Loose Crop Tee , RM 25
5. BB 0150 Miss Sally Laces Jacket / Outer, RM25

It's a definite lace affairs! With all those laces around us, we are all tempted yet sinful because it's a whole lot of pieces! For those who like Nicole Richie statement necklace, this is the inspire version of it, affordable yet stylist, you can wear it almost in any occasion! Dresses, crop tees , outer jacket , pick your own wardrobe and find what's suitable for you!

Drive Me Crazy!

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1. indian colors , RM 46
2. AS001 , RM 40 * Free Postage *
3. ethnic patch , RM 40
4. spring breeze , RM 6

All From Mini Bus

 * Beep beep *. Hop on in and we'll take you for a ride . Today's destination will be minibus blog shop. And we've arrived! It's a sunny day! Wear 1 & 2 , let's go out for a field trip . 3 & 4 with a guitar on hand, sing along song and picnic. Wow, relaxing day, it sure is! ;D 

Mixed print!

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1. The Boxy Shirt , RM 52
2. Goldenrod Tie Skirt , RM 52
3. Black/Gold Abstract, RM 52
4. Striped Sweetheart dress , RM 54

All from White Circus

To those daring and adventurous readers, this entry is specially dedicated to you! Mixed prints, is all about loud, outrageous and daring combinations. You are in luck! White Circus carry a lots of gorgeous  printed good! Psst! and they are having sales! There are no rules, however, mixing patterns can also go horribly wrong, so trust your instincts and wear it with pride. 

Cut-Out Detail

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2. RS&110 - Black, RM 28
3. A007 Vintage Owl Ring , RM 2.90

All from Little Miss Q

Now tell us, are u getting bored with just another ordinary simple outfit? And you have no idea what to wear anymore? Now let us help you with some magic! Put yourself in the front line of latest trend, we foresee those bold and punchy cut-out details dress will make you look more interesting & extra-ordinary! Aside from that, Little Miss Q also brought in trendy accessories, cosmetics, skincare, cosmetic lenses, pre-order shoes, bags & clothing.! They covered every single little goods u need with the best deal! 

Hold On Em!

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1. K1161, RM 65
3. Domo Bag , RM 50
4. BP1000 , RM 50
5. K888 , RM 55

All from Bolster Store

It's a bag fever! Bolster Store specialized both in bags and clothings line. The best part is they are ready stock! So whenever you want to buy, you are just one click away! Domo bag is such a cute item, we can't resist it! * YES, WE CAN'T * . and we believe there's still a number of you are looking for these few designs of bags, so grab it now before it's too late!

Be Romantic!

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1. Tailored Victorian , RM 45
2. Ruffle Chiffon Dress , * SOLD *
3. Coco Chanel Inspired Tunic , RM 39
4. Waterfall Blazer , RM 50

All from Beetch

To make your day start with some romantic aura or element, pair up with ruffle chiffon dress and some lovely flowery flats! As for office wear, yes why can't it be lovely ? Victorian is the perfect sweet looking outfit for office and it is tailored made as beetch now has been collaborate with their own tailor! So , it's definitely one of a kind! Waterfall blazer is perfect for toning down and give a sweet lovely look if you are wearing some daring colour. Aww, today is such a sweet and lovely day . :)

Living On The Wedge!

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1. YOYO331 , RM 85
2. YOYO303 , RM 85
3. YOYO325 , RM 95
4. ;) , * Priceless*

All from Eternal Shoes

If you are wondering why number 4 is the ;) face, it's because Eternal Shoes is hosting an lucky draw event to their lovely customers! YES , AWESOME GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Customers who purchase more than RM 80 will entitle to get involve in this lucky draw event. 

Wonder when are they going to announce the winner? Well for your info, it's on 2nd June after the closing of batch 1. 

Prizes for the winner ? One floral pumps as shown above , winner will get to pick their own favor colour. ;) 

Now what are you waiting for? Have a looksee in-store and get involve because this lucky draw event will only be valid when there's around 10 contestant. So every number counts, the more the merrier! Have fun there!

Crotchet Babe!

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4. Pleated ME Shorts , RM 30

All from Girl About Town

GAT's wardrobe is about girl with the love for fashion and trends, quirky without being too over the top , one of a kind designs and all things nice. As said, affordable, one of a kind and lovely collection! Their collection are selling fast , to be honest , very fast until we miss the chance to get what we love too , ;( . Too bad for us , but good for you , hop over to find your loves!

Nautical Chic!

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As said , Blaq Magik Lovers bring you the nautical chic series! Stripes with striking colours series like blue, mint and others totally turn on your fun mood! Check out others in store too! They have mesh jumpsuit and also they are having on-going sales! 


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1. Apricot Zip Top, RM 46.75 * 15% off *
2. Leather Skinny Belt , RM 38.25 * 15% off *
3. Zip & Skirt , RM 22.50 * 50% off *
4. Tied Back Midi Dress , RM 48 * 20% off *

All from Like Igloo

SURPRISE! Like Igloo is having their surprise sales starting from today 18th to 22nd May ! It's a 5 days sales with discount from 15% to 50 %! And if you miss this 5 days sales , which means after 22nd itself , you can't get the prices that are having the discount already! And what's more? If you purchase more than RM 120 you get a leather skinny belt worth RM 45 for free! Wow, now that's a good bargain , hop over to like igloo now!

Cocktail Approved!

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2. Satine , RM 59
3. Eva Corset , RM 58

A day out to the malls, a day out to cocktails party , these darlings are fitted up to do the job for you. We love how details it is! Georgia geometrical dress, gorgeous to the back! Also, for satine, let's blink it up but keep the accessories simple as the dress itself are the bomb! Eva corset, sweet and lovely! Wulala! Perfecto!


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Announcement :

Goood news! All the missing posts since the incident of blogger maintenance have been restored! For blogshop owners like T.G.I.F, Gorgeous takes the city, Poisonous, Blu & Blak , Blissfully Beautiful and Kiss and tell can have a look on the previous review post on you already ! ;)

Edgy Style

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1. Cream Lace Zipper Cardi , *OUT OF STOCK*

All from Style Influx

Ohh boy , what do we have here? Let's see. Drop dead lace zipper cardi with angel wing ( No plain jane ) red colour dresses? * Jaw dropping * We love it to the max! And also those leopard clutch , rawrr , it's wild, clutches are one important accessories surprisingly, yes! it's not only bag, but also carry a role as accessories! It will definitely complete your looks automatically without your notice! Effortless! All this are mixture of pre-order and ready stock , check labels okay ? ;)