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Keep In Vogue has been away for a few months now with a new life directions and personal matters. What happened? Well, Emily is now a mum, just gave birth not long ago to the adorable baby girl whilst Camilla has been venturing into a very busy workforce and field - event management, hence the reasons why we have not been updating our dear blog. But then, no worries! We'll still update the blog whenever we are capable. So here's a new update!

When YOINS.COM first approached Keep In Vogue team, introducing themselves as an international portal which brings in different styles and designs, KIV are so thrilled to explore after so long! True to its' concept, YOINS.COM offers quite a few unique style where Malaysia blog shop does not bring in, especially those Set Wear. 

So being a fashion lover ourselves, we have tried, went on and purchased it as well. Here are our take, styling items from YOINS.COM

Perfect for details to attention, Orange Geometrical Crop Vest Top With Sequins swamped us away with the tribal designs infused with colour block theme. We first landed eyes to it all thanks to the sequins and colour code. Personally think that it's a big contrast combining these colors together whereby it is eye-catching. The vest is lightweight and the material of the back vest is sorta like spandex mesh, it is seen through and sheer.

What's our concept of styling? We want Orange Geometrical Crop Vest Top With Sequins  to be the main star, hence dress all down, pairing with all things black. 

We love FLORAL PRINTS! Especially with contrast monochrome details, what's not to love? Sleeveless Dress in Floral Print is very sheer, you'll need to wear a long singlet in it else it might be too exposing, well at least for us hence we pair it with a vest blazer. Overall, we like the cutting of the dress with dropped armholes, comfy for everyday wear looking effortlessly stylish. 

In a nutshell, we actually purchased 4 items from YOINS.COM all in total but the other 2 items weren't up to our expectations. Nonetheless, YOINS.COM offers quite a variety of choices, we'll give it a plus point where designs are really extraordinary!

Psst : YOINS.COM is actually from Hong Kong. It'll take about 2-3 weeks for your parcel to reach. 

Have fun shopping!


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1. Twenty3 Marcella Dress , RM 89
2. Twenty3 Ovidio Dress , RM 79
3. Twenty3 Gael Dress , RM 99
4. Sher by Twenty3 Vernovia Romper , RM 159
5. Sher by Twenty3 Veroniq Dress , RM 159

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1. Davinia Asymmetrical Dress , SGD 38
3. Dorcey Printed Neoprene Dress , SGD 45
4. Gachetta Graphic Shift Dress , SGD 38
5. Daneris Pleated Dress , SGD 39

Blog Shop : Love Bonito

* It's a Singapore blog shop . *

It's all good

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Long & Light

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3. DREZAH (BEIGE) , RM 160

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ultra feminine

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Get personal with new sunglasses

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Date Me Out

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Creature Comforts

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1. Twenty3 Abel Romper , RM 89
2. Twenty3 Dacey Skort , RM 89
4. Twenty3 Gael Dress , RM 99
5. Twenty3 Kingad Mesh Slip-ons , RM 89

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